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stick houses in LA

Bon's favorite activity

Waiting for the girls

AirForce One, Reagan Library

Playing cards

Going through Okefenokee Swamp, GA

Come just a little closer

Ft Pulaski, GA

Savannah, GA

Yep, this is Kansas

Branson, MO


White Sands, NM

Roswell, NM

Kartchner Cave

Entering Carlsbad Cave

Country Hall of Fame, TN

Grand Old Opry, TN

The Alamo, TX

Home, that’s such a nice sound. We will arrive in Grants Pass Wednesday, April 23, exactly 5 months since leaving on November 23, 2007.

Where to start on the memories, there are so many after meeting up with the fellow trekies at the Salton Sea to begin our second adventure together. We went through 20 states, some being those we had seen, many others that were new. Don said we traveled 14,441 miles, paying diesel prices starting at $3.62 and ending with $4.29. All of us felt if we paid under $4.00 we were doing good.

I think maybe we saw more tourist things this trip than last, but maybe not. It was different, first we didn’t have our 4th trekie with us and it was winter and nighttime came early and it was usually cool so “tea time” was hard to do outside. Rockie and I missed that! Tea time became meetings in someone’s rig. We did stay in more state parks, which I really enjoyed, funny how down south they were less expensive than in the north.

It was fun decorating our rig for Christmas and having our trekie family over for dinners and breakfast. New Years was celebrated the same way. When you are traveling, it’s good to have a second family.

Through the hill country of Texas, very pretty, down to the Gulf of Mexico, over to Mississippi and Louisiana, saw some of the devastation of Katrina, and on to Florida. I remember the excitement of seeing our first alligator to “Ho Humm” there’s another one.

Florida became our home for about 45 days, no one thought we would be there that long, but we were. The space launch, which brought us there, was spectacular, Disney World took a lot of time and Gail got us reservations on the keys, which we couldn’t refuse. In fact one of my favorite things was the kayaking in the keys through the Mangrove canals.

Putting the last state on the sticker map, Oklahoma was a milestone. We now have been through every state in the lower 48. (some just a corner, but it counts) (OK, we didn’t get Delaware, but it doesn’t show very well on the map)

There is so much to tell, but you have all been following our adventures on our web site. A big thank you to Diane and Larry Evans who did most of the work and keep our journal up to date. It wouldn’t be very interesting without their postings.

As I started out, yes I am looking forward to getting home, would I do another trip like this, in a heartbeat. I’m not sure there are many people who have been so lucky to have the friends to spend this amount of time together. Yes, we are still speaking and it was sad when we split. But we will keep in touch with each other and who knows, you, who are reading this, might just seeing us all again on another Star Trek Journal in the future.

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