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The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis Of Assissi (1886)

Inside Cathedral

Inside Cathedral

From Front Steps

Old Plaza

Bronze Burro

Typical Building

Vendors @ Governor's Palace

Native American Vendors

Items for Sale

Building Details

building Details

The Evans' contingent of the Trekies arrived here about 1:30 this afternoon following a snowy and windy trip from Amarillo, Tx. Started snowing near Tucamcari, and continued until we reached the park. Only about 2 inches here with temp at 41 degrees. Guess at 7300' elevation we can expect that.

Santa Fe by Diane

Our introduction to Santa Fe was through a snow storm! For any of you that have tried to pull a RV through snow, it can be an experience. Luckily, the snow wasn’t too bad and we made it just fine.

We arrived and got set up and watched it snow some more. Thankfully, the next day the sun shone and off we went to explore Santa Fe.

After we made it downtown, it was off to find a parking space. This city was founded in 1610 and the streets do show it. The downtown area, or plaza area, has some narrow streets and most of them are one way affairs. The city does have a bus system that seems to work good and they have several parking area’s. We finally found a space in a lot just behind the Cathedral Basilica of St Francis Assisi. Of course, we had to go into the church and look around. What a gorgeous church as you can tell by the pictures. This church was established in 1610 and the current church was built in 1886. The front doors are solid bronze and they contain 20 panels each depicting various scene’s or events in the history of the Faith in Santa Fe. The stain glass window’s were installed in 1884 and the Pipe organ was installed in 1895. It was a beautiful church.

After our tour of the church, we wandered around the plaza area. Mostly galleries and shops. Some restaurants and hotels. All the architecture is of course, south western in theme. Around the city center is a grass plaza with street vendors all along. Most of these vendors were Native Americans selling various things, mostly jewelry. All of it was very well made and there were some real deals to be had.

We wandered around in most of the shops and spent 3 or 4 hours downtown. It is apparent they cater to folks who have some cash to spend. We felt it had the same flavor as Jackson Hole, just with a different theme.

As we drove around the city, the other thing that became apparent was the color of the houses. For miles and miles, the only color we saw was some shade of tan. It didn’t matter the style of the house, they were all a shade of tan, brown or rust. All the houses blended in to the scenery. It was about 25 miles out of town before we saw a yellow or blue house!

It was a nice visit, would we come back, probably not, but we are glad we got to see it.

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