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Guthrie, OK

Sunset at campground

Ghost town on Sunday (Guthrie)

Boiling Springs camp

From OK to Kansas

MONDAY, April 14

Our last day together with the Evans in Guthrie, OK, was spent inside our rigs as the wind was so bad and so cold we couldn’t do anything. We did take a ride around the historic area before we had our last dinner out together, and what a good dinner it was. A local BBQ joint that served a dinner for 6-8 including ribs, brisket, sausage, and we had several sides. Not only was it good that night, but we both had enough for leftovers the next night.

An almost tearful good bye for the second time (we had said good bye to the Pellegrini’s a few days earlier at a RV park named “End of the Trail”, thought that was appropriate)

as they headed towards Arizona and we headed north towards Fort Collins. Of course this day was beautiful, sun, warm and no wind.

We ended up in Oklahoma and stayed in Boiling Springs State Park. It was so nice there, I got to do one of my favorite things, sit outside and read. (yes, and napped).

Seems strange being on our own, but will keep everyone posted on the final legs of our travels; it just doesn’t seem to be the time to write the final farewell.

TUESDAY, April 15,

What a difference a day makes. Got up to sunny warm weather, but shortly after, the wind made its appearance again. 30 to 40 miles an hour with gusts up to 55. Drove up into Kansas and staying in Garden City. Haven’t heard of it? Not surprising, it’s in the middle of nowhere. All we saw today was flat grass lands, and tons of “steak on the hoof”. Cattle everywhere, and many feed lots, huge feed lots. I can’t imagine the smell there would be in the heat of the summer, but then, Kansas is known for it’s beef. Filled up the truck, finally hit the $4.00 mark, $4.10. Guess it gets worse from here on out.

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