Star Trek deux (2007-2008) travel blog

Cadillac Ranch

Yes, they are all Cadillacs

Diane & Caddy

Everyone is encouraged to spray paint the cars

Caddy undercarriage

Interesting 5th Wheel

Our Free Limo

On our way (Neat Hood Ornament)

The Big Texan

The Big Texan

Really big Herford


Dining Area

The Famous 72 oz (4 1/2 lb) Steak

Gift shop

Diane & Larry, Herb & Connie

Diane & Larry, Herb & Connie

The Trekies have all disbanded and are in our own little universes, generally heading for Northern California and Southern Oregon. Larry & Diane are in Amarillo, Tx., Don and Bonnie are in Woodward, OK. and we think Dick and Gail are somewhere in Arizona. I will keep posting our location until we reach home... Larry

Amarillo (by Diane)

Steaks, cows, cowboys and good friends. That is how I would classify this small city. We pulled in here against the wind, really bad gas mileage, and set up camp. It was a long drive for us, but we sure made it a lot closer to home! First thing off the bat, was laundry. It was free with the site rental. Boy did I love that. We parked right next to the laundry and bath house, so it was about 10 steps to wash my clothes. Sure wish all parks would do this, as it seemed to be a real bonus.

We had been here one day, when Herb and Connie Smith pulled in next to us. (We knew they were coming.) They are headed east towards Missouri and the Carolina’s and then south to Florida for some family things. They drove some really long days to meet up with us in Amarillo and it was really good to visit with them. They are old McKenzie friends that we normally only get to see at the rallies, so what a bonus. We yakked for most of the day that we got to spend with them.

Larry and I got the chance to drive around and look at downtown Amarillo. The streets were almost empty, but the buildings were pretty neat. Old style, say around the 30’s or so. Very ornate. Amarillo is really a spread out city along I-40. Pretty easy to get around in, of course we had Jack’s help.

We also saw the Cadillac Ranch. It was about ¼ mile from our RV park. There are about 10 old Cadillac’s buried nose down in a field. They have been spray painted and all the windows torn out. I am not sure why they are there, but you can look it up on the internet.

The last day here, the 4 of us decided to eat lunch at the local famous Big Texan. If you call them, they will send a limo out for you free of charge. We all decided to do lunch as the menu was cheaper. They became famous for their 72 ounce steak dinner. If you can eat it all in one hour it is free. Now, the best part of this is you have to eat more than just the steak. You also have to eat a shrimp cocktail, baked potato, roll, and salad. They have had over 85,000 people try but only about 7,000 have actually accomplished it. They make you pay for it before you try it and if you succeed, then they refund the money. I think it costs about $85. They had one fellow finish two in under an hour. Just last month they had a champion competition eater finish in about 9 minutes. He said he would have finished sooner, but the baked potato was too hot.

The place is lined with all sorts of stuffed animal heads, sorry Bonnie, and they cook the steaks right in front of the restaurant. Three of us had the chicken fried steak, and one had a strip steak, which I was told was excellent. It was enough food for us all to skip dinner. And the limo ride was pretty neat.

The only bad thing I can say about Amarillo is the wind. We think we had wind gusts here near 50 MPH. Larry and I got up in the middle of the night and put our slide outs in cause the awnings over them were making such a racket we couldn’t sleep. The wind has not really stopped the whole 3 days we have been here.

We say good bye to Herb and Connie and wish them safe travels on their journey and thank them for stopping and visiting with us. We are off to Santa Fe tomorrow.

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