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Guthrie, Oklahoma

The remaining two McKenzie shuttlecraft spent their last days together at a very windy RV park near Guthrie, Oklahoma, arriving early Saturday afternoon and sort of hunkering down in the windy conditions. On Sunday afternoon we braved the ever blowing wind and ventured into the downtown area only to find that it was closed….Guthrie has one of the largest Historical areas in the US, some 400 City blocks are designated. Mostly commercial buildings left over from the early booming days when it was the capital of the Oklahoma Territory, and for a short 3 years, the Capital of the State of Oklahoma. The town was literally born overnight in April 1889 when some two million acres of Indian land was opened to settlers. It is said that the population of Guthrie was 0 one day and 10,000 the next.

The town is home to some of the best examples of early commercial architecture left in the U.S. We were impressed by the multi-storied brick buildings that were everywhere. Some with fascinating facades.

Remnants from the past are the brick lined sidewalks and streets, consisting of bricks that have been laid on edge in varied patterns throughout town. Many of the streets are still brick, and many more have had their bricks paved over in years past. Apparently the red Oklahoma soil is good for brick making, if not for farming.

After several trips through the downtown area looking for an open restaurant, we ventured away from the tall buildings to a more modern commercial area near the highway where we found a Barbecue place open and enjoyed our last dinner together. It was great, and we had plenty of leftovers for our next nights meal.

It was sad to say goodbye to Don & Bonnie, just as it was to Dick and Gail earlier, but we all have different things to see and different places we need to go. We have the possibility of meeting up with Don and Bonnie in a few days as they finish their visit in Ft. Collins and we both head West toward Salt Lake City.

Perhaps a mini Trekie reunion is in our future, if not, we know there will be other times somewhere down the road, with the Good Lord willing, and if the wind ever stops blowing……..Larry

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