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Strange Cloud Formations As We Flew Into Guilin

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Had a great flight on Bangkok Airways from Bangkok to Guilin, Guangxi Province. We enjoyed one of the best airlines meals we've ever eaten and Anil had several glasses of Cote du Rhone. Finally, a taste of good wine.

It started to rain as we rode into the city and we were thrilled to breath the cool, fresh air after the heat and humidity of Bangkok. We were lucky that the Grand Hotel had two cancellations while we were standing at the reception desk otherwise, we would have had to set out in the rain to find alternate accommodation. Audrey and David shared a room as they had done some of the time they were together in Bangkok.

The next morning, we set out with umbrellas borrowed from the hotel to walk along the Li River and have lunch at the Dim Sum Restaurant at the Niko Do Plaza shopping centre. It was a treat to show this great place to Audrey and David and watch them survey all the sample foods on display before we ordered and had the food delivered to our table. We stuffed ourselves full of all sorts of interesting things while looking out the rain splattered windows and the fabulous karst limestone mountains surrounding the city.

After lunch we returned to the hotel and arranged for a large minivan to take us to Yangshou, one and a half hours south of Guilin. We were delighted to find that the rain had stopped and the clouds lifted a little to give us a better view of the landscape as we travelled.


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