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It was a sad morning. Jo had recounted her days and decided she didn’t have enough time for Mrauk-U. I was on my own. We’d had such a blast traveling together, it was hard to part, but I’m sure we’ll meet again. Shoe shopping in Milan, here I come!!!

Travelling in Myanmar can be such a pain, usually in the ass. To look on the map, Mrauk-U was so close, but no way to go for foreigners. Besides, I still had to stop in Bagan, the Plain of 4000 Temples. A trip to Myanmar would not be complete without it, so off I went, stopping in the small town of Monywa enroute.

I had originally planned to stay 2 nights, but the hotel people pissed me off, and the prices to go to the neighboring sites had more than doubled . Too much for one person. That night was the official full moon though, and the Buddhist calendar is lunar. It was a very important night for ceremony and the local pagoda was packed to capacity. It was also one of the most interesting I’d seen, and I was one of few tourists who stopped in. I happily passed the evening wandering around and attempting to talk to locals. Few tourists means few English speaking locals, so it was a challenge, but an amusing one.

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