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Patan Durbar Square

Ceremonial Procession

Cynthia at temple

Cynthia at temple with carvings (and mask guy) in view

Matt & Cynthia at Patan Durbar Square

Very old wood carvings

Going to market

The spice man

Cynthia enjoying some fresh papaya

Yes, there is a man underneath all those bags

We spent a few days planning the last leg of our trip. Once the plans were set, we decided to take a day trip to Patan. Patan's Durbar Square is notable as the center of a large kingdom, 15th century. Getting out of the gross backpacker district was a nice change of pace. We spent a couple of hours sitting at one of the temples that overlooks the courtyard, watching passers-by/local life. At one point, a procession came right through the square consisting of 50-100 people kitted with drums. The procession carried an elderly couple separately in royalty chairs. The group stopped at each temple to provide offerings. The whole thing was quite interesting.

We left Durbar Square and started walking towards the local market street. Cynthia found a lady selling fresh papaya and quickly ordered up two huge slices; she immediately inhaled them both. By the time I got the camera out she was already finished with the first slice. The local market, of sorts, had a little bit of everything being sold by just about anyone in the streets. We looked around awhile taking in the atmosphere and eventually wandered down some side streets. We found some fairly nice stores and shopped. I finally bought a pair of jeans after 13 months of travel. With Europe coming up, I decided to give up "practicality" and go for style.

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