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We made our way south with a 6 hour bus journey to Oaxaca City in Mexico... The area with the oldest living tree in the world and the city of MOLE!!! (chocolate...)

Oaxaca is much smaller than mexico city and built around the Zocalo (the square), its very european in style with many cafes and resturants around the centre. They seem to spend alot of time together in this main Zocalo, singing, dancing and performing traditional theatre and its a very family orientated city.

We started off with a traditonal Oaxacan meal in one of the cafes... it was a mixed plate for two with tortillas, meats, cheeses and all washed down with Corona. It was what we had been longing for in Mexican food....UNTIL the next day

Mick woke with a fairly sore stomach and we had very very close call soon after leaving the hotel to explore Oaxaca..

Unfortunately he had to spend the day in bed while I did some exploring on my own.

There is a big market in the city with lots of leather, flowers and food as well as many meat stalls... with lots of flys.

We found a mole shop and taste tested some of the chocolate, very different to what we know as its probably mainly coca.

Mole is used in pretty much every dish, chicken with mole, beans and mole etc

We decided to keep close to home and therefore missed seeing the worlds oldest tree.. but overall Oaxaca was a very beautiful city and our spanish is improving as we go.

Off to San Cristobal in the Chiapas highlands of Mexico tomorrow.

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