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The pyrimids of Teothetican, Aztec ruins, which they found when they first...

When we first arrived in mexico city, our first impression was that it smelt liked Bangkok, although it did seem to get a little better, or perhaps we just got used to it.

Ricardo, from our hostel collected us from the airport for the manic 15 min ride back to the hostel. There were thousands of police, asking traffic to move on and generally just hanging around.

Our hostel was fairly basic but had a great bar on the rooftop so we had our first corona and looked out over mexico city.

DAY 1 we decided to jump on board a tour which would take us to two important ruins in mexico city and the basilica, which is apparently the second most visited catholic site after the vatican.

On our way to Teothitcan (the Pyramids of the sun and moon) we stopped at a small house where we were shown how they made blankets and pochos from the catus, and we also got to taste test the polque (fermented sap from the cactus) and also two types of tequila, one sweet one for the ladies, and a smokey one....nothing like the tequila we have tasted...

They also still mine for obsidian, a volcanic rock and they make this into all sorts of things.

At Teothitcan, we learned more about the aztecs, who aparently found these pyrimads when they passed through this area, as the city was built as they would there own (with pyramids at all the cardinal points, south, north, west and east) they thought that it was built by the gods (Teothitcan is translated as city of gods).

We spent the night watching the traditional dances in the main square (Zocalo), they dance to drums that go til 11 at night, every night. ..

Day 2 and we decided to go on the walking tour of the city, mainly the museums and cathedrals and learnt alot more about the aztecs and the spanish invasion. We also went to the Nomadic Museum, which was showing ashes and snow, a photography exhibition, this was beautiful.

Our last night at the hostel ended in us drinking lots of corona and dancing to spanish songs with a group of students from Switzerland, who were on their last night after a UN project.

Off to Oaxaca on the 5th April.

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