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Rodeo Drive

Beverley Hills

Kate at ¨"sprinkles" cupcake shop in Beverley Hills

Mick and I on Rodeo Drive

The guy from "So you think you can dance" in USA

Mick at Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Kate on Wilshere

So we arrived in LA on the 31st after a long flight with no sleep. But we were ready to face the day...

First a trip to Rodeo Drive so Kate could feel like she was going shopping... but without actually shopping. We were hopefull (well mick was) of seeing some famous model or maybe Posh??? But no unfortunately our star spotting was only....the guy from "numbers" and the older judge from you "so you think you can dance" driving a cool car with the number plate SYTYCD...

Our trip was complete when we met some pretty crazy americans, one "Harry Paul" the Sharmen / life coach, who said that he would take us out on the town...

We took a walk down the main Beverly Hills streets to look at all the houses and pretend who may live there.

We hit the sunset strip that night, but unfortunately it was only 9pm and there was not too many clubs opén and our jet lag made us go home and sleep about 14 hours straight.

Day two of L.A we decided to head to Venice Beach and Santa Monica, to see the "freaks" but as it was only about 10 degrees there were lots of freaks but more of the drunk type then the ones with the implants in and tattoos.

Santa Monica was very pretty, lots of nice streets and shopping.

And of course we headed to Hollywood to walk the walk of fame etc, but no more stars in sight.

The hostel had a great comedy night on the last night, with lots of different types of comedians...

Off to Mexico City on the 2nd APRIL....

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