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Mushroom Rock

My backyard this week

I'm in the Sea of Cortez!

Mike and dink. This is what happens when the tide goes out...

The water is so beautiful

The desert at the sea

Marcy & Kevin, Mike & I, Bill, John & Gilly, Donia &...

Hiking above the anchorage

Beauty everywhere

Swimmers in the Sea

Just around the corner from Bahia de los Muertoswith white sand beaches

Yeah, another one

Dinner in La Paz with friends, Janet,Heather and Jim shown here

Cathedral in LaPaz

My little amiga with the old man in the sea

Old man looking out into the sea from the malecon

Another view from the malecon

The Sea of Cortez thus far is beautiful! Really - I feel like I am in the middle of the desert but sitting on my boat on the ocean. Never seen anything like it.

After a 28 hour crossing we arrived in Baja California in the Bahia de los Muertos (bay of the dead, hmmmm!) After just one night we headed over to a beautiful cove Puerto Ballandra, just 7 miles from La Paz. The cove is home to mushroom rock, a tourist attraction of sorts. Within an hour of pulling into the cove we were visited by Bill and friends on Moontide, a big catamaran and invited for drinks and dinner. As it turns out we met Bill in Zihuatenejo. We launched the dink and went for a visit. Who should show up? Richard and Donia from Profligate. Richard is the owner/editor of our favorite sailing magazine Latitude 38. As the evening progressed we all had dinner on Profligate, a 60 ft. catamaran with lots of room inside for all 10 of us. We also met a crew/family on LeGato delivering the catamaran to Newport Beach from Barra de Navidad (where the owner met an unfortunate accidental death) with a home schooled sweetheart of a kid, Isla. A good time was had by all. Bill wanted us to crew on Moontide for the cat race with Profligate and others around Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida but we declined (another whole story).

On 4/1 we anchored just outside Marina La Paz in the canal. It is a long canal parallel to the shore with lots of current. Quaint town with a beautiful malecon. They have a grocery store CCC (pronounced say-say-say) that has stuff that we buy in California. Little things are a big treat down here. Kashi cereal, sonora beef/filete mignon, rosarita vegetarian refried beans just to name a few treats.... Anyway, once again we were amazed at what a small world we live in. Tied up to the end of the marina was Meerkat, a 49' catamaran from Ventura. The owner Heather Stapleton Donnell worked in the commercial insurance business for years and knows Mike's whole family. She and I were friends in high school! Anyway, she and her husband Jim live on their cat and will make La Paz their home.

We have decided that this Sunday 4/6 we will depart La Paz and head further north into the Sea. Communication will be more difficult but will share when we can. Miss you all.

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