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My second day here we went for a walk along the coast -Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk- from Bondi past Tamarama and down to Coogee to go snorkelling!! Walking along the water was so amazing, but kind of tiring going up and down and along rocks and everything. When we got to Coogee, we were all starving but everything was SO beyond overpriced we decided just to eat after we Snorkelled. Getting in the water was like ICE but once we got used to it, it was ok. We dunked in our gear to "desanitize" it, but then we realized it would taste like salt. Big mistake. But once we got in there I swallowed about 5L of Salt water so it was really nothing for my mouth piece to taste like salt. After about fifteen minutes, I finally realized that my snorkle was going under the water and that was the reason I was swallowing so much water. I got Mark to fix that immediately. I saw some huge blue fish the size of Bailey (my dog) that was kind of scary to swim next to but cool at the same time. I got an insanely bad foot cramp and thought I was going to drown in the middle of the ocean, but luckily I made it back to the edge and out of the water. We tanned and dried off for awhile on the cement which was super nice because we didn't get sand all over us. Then we started our journey home again. We walked over some rocks (sounds kind of boring but soo pretty) and got some amazing pictures. We past a HUGE cemetary which was kind of creepy too. Oh and bought milkshakes on the way back because we were all still so hungry... the milkshakes are basically just like plain milk. Not thick at all. Kind of weird. I also realized that they dont have stop signs here!! We went to The Shack for dinner again for cheap and got some burgers and beer which was sooo good after walking alllll freakin day. The only bad part was that I burnt to a CRISP!

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