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DATELINE, Memphis, TN …… On April 1, a Maroon Dodge Truck belonging to a couple from Grants Pass, OR was broken into at a WalMart store about 9 miles from the campground they were staying at. The couple said they had gone into the store after setting up at the Fuller State Campground for groceries and when they returned to the truck, after putting their purchases in the back set, went to pull their GPS out from under the seat noticed the holder was missing and discovered the entire unit was gone along with their cellular phone.

Yep that is the story; we just couldn’t believe it, as we knew we had locked the door. Come to find out, security came by while Don went back into the store to report the theft, and showed me how the “crooks” did it. They take a screw driver and insert it in the key hole and pull down giving just a little space above where they get another screwdriver pushed down above and then just force it to pop open. Quick and Slick. Now our key doesn’t work in the lock, we can still use the beeper to get in as it still locks, but not the key. I sat in the truck while Don went in to report it and possible saw the guys who did it as they were around another car and acting strange, security went over and did get the license #, before they drove away in a hurry. There were security cameras possible pointed in our direction, and the police were called. Don’t think anything will come of it, but you never know.

As we started to head back to camp, we realized we didn’t pay any attention to how we came, because we relied on the GPS. After driving around for a little bit and realizing we were not in the very good area, stopped for directions and a couple of places and no one really knew how to get there, but said they didn’t think we should be going there, it’s not a good area to be driving through. Finally a very nice man, told us how to get there, told us the same thing and then decided he would take us there, so we followed him to the road that went straight to the campground. Now the campground is fine and was very pretty, but after all of that and after telling the group our story, we decided to leave the very next morning. Since Elvis had left the building, we decided to follow suit. (That was one of the reasons we had gone to Memphis was for me to see Graceland. I did see it from the road as we were driving around, so that was enough for me)

So we are back to the old fashion way, maps and postcards. Always a bright spot in anything, we don’t have to lead anymore since we don’t know how to get to any place. I did want to let everyone know that we don’t have a phone right now; in an emergency you can e-mail us and we will give you the Evans Cell Phone Number, or if you already know it, call them and they will get a message to us. We will be together for a while longer until we split to head to Fort Collins. We should also get email here and there.

Tennessee was a very pretty state and enjoyed going through immensely, but just say no to Memphis, we were even warned when we were in Lynchburg. Cute little town, and a very good distillery, you might know the name, Jack Daniels. Should have gotten a bottle of two.

To all, we are fine, just mad, but will not let it ruin the trip. We are as you can tell, finally heading west and will probably be home around the end of April as planned.

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