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Devonshire tea, Byramine homestead, Yarrawonga

look...onsite fridges

Thursday April 3rd...bit of an ordinary night, wind kept up most of the night and then around day break the 7,893 Major Mitchells in the gum trees above us put on a performance like we'd never heard before. The screeching from these birds was deafening, made the cockies at Mannum sound like willy wagtails.And it went on for over an hour. No wonder every one around us was packing up. Just an amazing spectacle...apparently when they get REALLY bad the shire bring in gas powered bird cannons to get rid of them.

Breakfast and packed around 9.30, with Wodonga in mind. On the road about an hour and drove into a small town called Nathalia where we stopped for a cuppa at a street side cafe and bakery. Terri was reading about the next big town up the road called Yarrawonga and all its attractions. Sounded ok so when we got there we found the info centre and had a look around. Decided to stay the night, booked into a beautiful park on the river....level and grassed....such a contrast to the last 2 nights. Set up and had a quick lunch before driving out about 14 kms to the Byramine Homestead. Built in 1842 it has a fascinating history, now heritage listed and the current owners are slowly restoring it to something like it used to be. Once was an 85000 acre estate or cattle/sheep station now sits on just 5 acres surrounded by 1000's of acres of vegetable farms. Spent an hour looking over the old house and then enjoyed a devonshire tea out on the lawn. There are two massive English elms planted at the time the house was built in 1842.

Drove back into town and got the bikes off the trailer for a ride. There are 2 bridges over the river, one near our park and the other about 1km away, so we crossed over into Mulwala (NSW) on one and back on the other. The 2nd bridge was built by the 2 states starting on their respective sides and "hoping" to meet in the middle. Poor coordination meant they were started at different levels and in different directions and a redesign was needed to get the 2 halves to meet. The result is now the famous "twisty, dippy" bridge.

At the weir on the 1st bridge we crossed is a small hydro-electric generator.....controlled remotely (unmanned) by its owners in New Zealand!

Very nice smallish town (pop 6700), seems to be a very switched on local authority....AND one of the golf clubs has 45 holes. The 2 towns are divided by the river and a massive lake. We rode our bikes all the way up the W I D E footpath in the main street and down the other side.Goin' to watch a movie now on the computer, will finish this in the morning.

Next morning.....not entirely a night without sleep....almost at the end of our movie we heard a sort of growling other vans near us so a bit of a concern. Growling could be described as somewhere between a cat and a dog. I went out with me torch to find 4 big healthy possums having a look around our camp. I chased them away, but trying to get to sleep was difficult because they kept coming back. Then I heard some frantic scuffling very close to the camper. We've been carrying a polystyrene foam box with us in the car for our fruit and vegies and when we set up we just put it out on the ground. By the time I got out to investigate the noise the possums had ripped one corner out of the box and were well on their way to feasting on our apples. Put the box in the car but the possums spent the rest of the night growling at me.

Packing up now, hoping to be in Wodonga tnite

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