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I was supposed to leave for managua yesterday afternoon but i was convinced by some persuasive people to take a cab in the middle of the night right to the airport to catch my 8 am flight. It was definitely a good choice. I was so tired i couldn´t even be in hysterical tears, i just slept the whole cab ride. My plane was perfectly on time, Copa airlines, i recommend it. I flew to panama city and then to cartagena where i just arrived 2 hours ago. it´s a nice city so far. i walked into the hostel and the ppl ahead of me were like, ¨there´s one room left and it´s got 3 beds. you want in?¨ Lovely how things always work out. So now i´m frantically updating and digesting some strawberry rice milk (not recommended) across the street from my hostel. Father Geluk, old Adam, arrives tomorrow night so i´ve gotta scope out the town and scare away all the drug dealers. Adam can´t see what really goes down

sooooooo, the toronto maple leafs are out? most recently i heard they were still in, mathematically. and yesterday they lost, chances are slim. oh well, there´s worse things in life (like diarrhea on an island with no running water, not me. see previous story).

ciao amigos

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