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Not the most scenic view but includes the train!

Continued on the train to Christchurch the next day getting in at about 7ish. Only had the evening in C'Church as was on another "scenic" train across the country to Greymouth. This time the weather was good and the train trip was really good, spectacular scenery through the mountains.

Also met Izi & Lesley on the train who I couldn't get rid of and ended up spending most of the South Island with!!!


Although the train trip was good there is not much in Greymouth where the train ends. Only there for one night which was more than enough.

Managed to fill the evening in the pub with an unlimited BBQ for NZD5 (about two quid). Wasn't that good and the American I was with complained a lot until I asked her what she expected from a BBQ costing two quid!

The hostel in Greymouth was interesting - called Noah's Ark - with all of the rooms done out in a different animal style. They had rooms theamed around Lions, Tigers, Bears, Elephants etc.

I ended up in the Sheep room which I was not happy with given all of the jungle animals I could have had!!

As I said, not much in Greymouth and only included as an entry for the people following progress on the different maps - this one is obviously the "South Island" maps.

Back on the coach from Greymouth and on to the best bits of the South Island and in fact New Zealand!!

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