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View from the front door

Another view from the front door

Sunset in a rest stop some place in Texas

We arrived here in southern Arizona a day earlier than planned in spite of some unusual weather. We are southeast of Tucson in the Dragoon Mountains. We started out early in the day than we planned and made good time getting to the interstate. All was well for awhile then a front moved in. The day was clear but with extreme winds. It is not much fun driving a 40' bus in high winds. Late in the afternoon we began to have an issue with the small awning. The wind was whipping around in a way that it yanked open the awning and the material began flapping against the coach. We got off the interstate and battling the winds we were able to get to rolled back up. We got back on the road and about 30 miles further it happened again. We decided to stop at the next rest area for the night which was about another 20 miles down the road. The wind rocked the coach all night long. Dan took a great picture of the sunset (attached).

As usual, dan was anxious to get on the road bright and early in the morning which for us is about 8am. We were making great time until we approached the Dos Capezas mountains. The weather ahead looked very strange. Soon is was raining. Then I noticed the "rain" was white and bouncing on the road! It was hailing. The hail quickly turned to snow and ice. I was not pleased to be driving in the snow but there was no place to stop. The snow lasted for about 10 miles and was coming down so hard that the windshield was nearly covered. About 30 miles down the road, we hit another storm which lasted for about 5 miles. Of course, we finally come to a rest stop when we had only clear skies ahead. I pulled in anyway and gave the wheel to Dan so I could recover.

It was cool when we arrived at the campground last night but it is in the 70's today. We were a little confused about the time. Our phones displayed the time as an hour earlier than we expected and 3 hours earlier than EDT. Then we remembered that Arizona doesn't recognize daylight savings time. We are actually in the equivalent of Pacific time right now so don't call me too early!

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