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Rope boy






I thought I'd escape the town and the Christian fanaticism here for easter so went off to an eco-lodge for 5 nights. Right on the beach, 10km from the last village, solar power, self-composting toilets (some of the best toilets I've used in Africa), recycling water and sustainable building materials. It was almost paradise, I almost forgot I was in Africa. I got lunch as soon as I arrived and then took my boots off and put my shorts on - I spent 5 days barefoot, bliss. My tan should be pretty respectable now too. Everything there is put on your tab even my tabs, I hadn't touched money until this morning. I roughly worked out what I thought I owed and thought that I should have enough to cover it but I was in for a shock, my bill for 5 nights and 6 days, all meals, all drink (and there was a lot of them from happy hour cocktails to afternoon and evening beers) came in at 93Cedis, about 46 pounds. Less than 10 pounds per day and they say that paradise doesn't come cheap, it does here.

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