Pollard Family Sabbatical Costa Rica 2008 travel blog

This was the first day that Brodie and I were awake before the kids. We had a 7am surf lesson in Tamarindo so we got out of bed at 5:45am. Surprisingly, it isn’t difficult here to get up early. We are learning to rise and set with the sun like the locals. We had a quick café con leche on the patio while listening to the howler monkeys. I killed my 3rd scorpion of the trip – we’ve decided to rename the house Casa de Scorpion.

Brodie had no problem finding the rhythm of surfing. I had lost a little muscle memory in the five days we took off. My timing wasn’t right today. I get pretty excited by these big waves and I either paddle too much or too little. I typically stand up to fast and sometimes not in the sweet spot. It’s fun but it isn’t easy. The waves are big – 5 feet plus. The waves come in sets and if you ride one in, you must battle the white water to get back out. After about an hour in the water, I was very chilly (both the water and the air are much cooler at that hour) so I took a break on the beach to get warm. Brodie is in heaven – he came in to say hi and then went back out for another hour. I enjoyed a few minutes of peace, sitting alone on the beach. It seems like we have been on the go since we first arrived. Next week is la semana santa, Easter week. Easter is big here – so the kids don’t have school. Grandma Karen and Grandpa Allen leave tomorrow as well. We are all looking forward to moving at a slower pace – to hang out on the beach, to watch the sunset.

After exchanging money at the bank and getting groceries, Brodie and I headed to pick up the kids. I happened to glance at the display and thought the gas tank was half full. A few minutes later I looked at it again and realized that the display was for oil. The gas tank was nearly empty so we took a detour to the town of Llano for gas. There are not gas stations everywhere like in the United States. We actually drove 10 minutes the wrong direction to go to a town that sells gas. It was very fortuitous otherwise we would have gotten the pleasure of running out of gas!

Back on the patio tonight, we heard the howler monkeys. Kevin from the property management company Special Places of Guanacaste www.specialplacesofcostarica.com

stopped by for a few things. He mentioned he had just seen the monkeys on the shortcut. We were excited by both things – the short cut and the monkeys. Kevin, Brodie, Emi and Jack hopped on his ATV and went to find the monkeys. I think Jack was more excited about the 4 wheeler. I walked down the road and met them - 8 howler monkeys in all moving from tree to tree. It is very cool to watch them climb and jump, using their tails as a 5th limb. I know J.C. is going to love watching these guys.

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