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Highlight of the trip or not, I still find 5:24 AM fairly...

The sky gradually lightened above the temple

Like most mornings, the sun continued to rise without much help from...

And there it is. The sun. Applause all around.

Standing in front of the Library on the grounds of Angkor Wat

Kyla and our tuk-tuk driver San

A common site on the Siem Reap roads.

Refreshed, fed, and more awake, we set out for a long list...

Details of hermits (ascetics) on a wall inside Preah Khan. The temple...

If only you knew how many of these types of photos we...

The earlier library at the temples - and the only really Greek...

Healing waters are believed to have flown through this mouth, and 3...

Neak Prean "pond"

East Mebon Elephant Guard

At Banteay Kdey


Drive Away Dinner

Nick with our guide and driver

Kyla and our tuk-tuk driver's sister, posing with our new purchases

A senior monk leading a group in meditation at on of Siem...

Afternoon, and all the motorscooters are returning home in Siem Reap

On our second guided temple day, we got up before the sunrise to head to Angkor Wat. It was one of the highlights of the trip, not just for the great views, but also for the incredible sense of experience and bonhomme that all of the hundreds of visitors from dozens of countries shared. The sunrise was greated with hushed awe, and then general wellwishing, backslapping, and pleasantries in a multitude of languages. We popped back to the guesthouse for a quick breakfast and coffee with San, our driver, and were joined by our guide afterwards. We then took in the Grand Tour, which covered the following temples:

- Preah Khan

- Neak Pean

- Ta Som

-East Mebon

- Banteay Kdey

- Kravan

That's a lot of temples. I have to admit, we both started getting some temple fatigue around Banteay Kdey - broken a bit by having to navigate around some cows at the entranceway.

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