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View from the front door

Dan feeding deer

Big buck

lots of deer

big Buck

close up to the deer

late night visitors

We arrived at Medina Lake Thousand Trails on Sunday March 9th. It is a very nice rustic park that sits right on the lake. We have a nice view of the lake from our front door. They also have lots of wild life. There are many birds, ducks, squirrels, and deer that are very use to the campers being here. Dan bought a bag of feed corn. He threw a few cups of the feed near our campground. Within minutes, there were around 60 deer in the area. There was one young buck that wanted Dan to feed him. He stood within a foot of Dan while Dan was spreading the corn. The buck would not eat the corn off the ground. He would only eat the corn out of Dan's hand. I have attached a few pictures. The deer would come to the area each morning and early evening and wait for Dan to come outside. Once he did, they would watch him closely. When he openned the bay door where the corn was stored, they would gather closely around.

Dan's Dad and stepmom arrived on Wednesday and spent a few days with us. Dan and his dad would fish in the mornings / evenings. They have a nice fishing pier here. The park has been relatively empty so it has been really quite. Other than Monday, the weather has been wonderful. We spent most of our time outside enjoying the day and evening.

On Saturday, we went to a small town called Bandera just a few miles away. It is the last cowboy town. The first unusual thing you will notice is the cowboys riding horses on main street. Then the horses tied to the hitching posts. There is not a whole lot to do in Bandero. There are a few antique stores, several salons, and of course a Tack shop.

We are moving on west tomorrow. Our next stop is near Tucson AZ but it will take us three days to get there.

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