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The ocean again

Here it comes again

Market Circle

No squattering!

Back on the coast, This feels like major milestone having now crossed the "Lump of Africa". It's nice to see the sea again.

I liked Takoradi, similar to most of this region there wasn't particularly anything to see and nothing to do there but it has a busy bustling atmosphere. The design of the tozn is interesting as the centre is formed by the circular market, called Market Circle for some strange reason. Most major roads eminate from this circle and with very few landmarks of note it could be quite an interesting place to try to navigate, I was forever taking the wrong streets until I'd hit a known bank or building and realise my mistake.

There was a dearth of budget accomodation in Takoradi, the first hotel I went to was C15 in LP but they wanted C35 for every room when I turned up, another case of using the African Nations Cup to raise prices I think. I ended up paying C25, about 12.5 quid for what would have been an excellent room if everything worked and it was cleaned. I had a lounge and a bedroom but only one light working between the two and that must have been about 10 watt. The fridge was a great storage space but the refridgeration aspect of it didn't work. The TV would have been useful if I was into religious programmes or if they had broadcast the Champions league game they promissed and then said they couldn't transmit because of a technical problem. I do own up to watching an hour of the Gummy Bears one siesta time. To cap it all my room backed onto some chapel where some halfwit preacher doing a Ghanaian impression of Iain Paisley shouted out his sermons through a loudhailer every night, it was the "Hallelulia, praise de lord" that his sidekick chimed out at the end of every sentence that really did my head in.

I'd met someone who told me that the Green Turtle Lodge was quite small and that the 12 Canadians turning up would have probably filled it so I was planning on going to one of the less popular beach resorts. Then on my last evening I went into a restaurant and 3 of the girls were in there, they told me that there was plenty room and I should go there.

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