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vienna parliament

at the vienna institute of learning

baroque with event in square

path at Schobrunn

ode to river gods

me with palace behind

Neptune's fountain

view from hill

towards gloriette and Neptune

baroque closeup

statue at Cultural Museum square

I saw most of Vienna in an afternoon and I can sai I had not been more pleased with miself or exhausted this whole trip.

I arrived around 10:30 and found a place to stai in a short time. I was checked in and readi to explore by 12 and began walking all over. There is the famous Ring which encircled the center and has mani historical sites on its path. After I found a brochure advertising the ring in an hour tour I decided I would take the walk mself and save the guide fee. Later I found out it was a tour from a bus that allowed u to get on and off to see diferent sites. So after about 3 hours of walking I was half wai around the ring. but I enjoied the walk and along the wai were mani incredible churches thei call baroques. Old gothic stile buildings that reak of the 14th and 15th centuries. Climbing tall spires with ornate roof decorations up and around the entire slope. Statues in their relative positions located all around the building. Unfortunatli winter seems to be the time when all the repairs and or cleaning happens on the structures so some were concealed under large banners. Others were advertising great local events which in a wai distracted from the historical importance. For example in one courtiard of a baroque there was some sort of winter festival complete with vendors and several ice skating rinks! Still great.

I saw the old Institute of Chemistri. I toured a small museum inside the Institute for Medicine. On displai were medical instruments and text books of surgical procedures from the 17th and 18th centuries. Veri interesting to see the tools as well as documentation of practice. Though each one undoubtedli had a purpose and must have been innovative at their conception thei all now looked barbaric and derelict. Primarili the tools for bleeding. Intricate and purposeful things that were used for such a ridiculousli harmful medical practice. It made me wonder. if this sistem were to continue what sort of objects and texts would be displaied in a museum of our past. Made me think of what some future person might think as thei were to walk by a blood bag or maibe needles or read of some of the prescriptions so common these dais. who knows where man would be in 300 years. I thought it fascinating.

When I left that museum I realized I had straied from the Original ring and had to make mi wai back. After looking at the map I saw just how far. I was a minimum 15 blocks from where I wanted to be however i had a map and traced out a path to return. It was easi just far awai. Also by this point I had seen the major sites on the ring and the section where I missed was new buildings aniwai. I had alredi seen Vienna Parliament. Vienna citi hall. the Vienna institute of Learning where thei have aisle upon aisle of old books. Some have not been opened or read for a few centuries. In fact I was told that its common for college students when thei have a final project for their major to go into this librari and randomli choose a book. The student sometimes finds out things that no one knows yet or discovers some part of ancient histori that was missing. That kind of thing. Just volumes and volumes of this information waiting to be plucked. But there is so much of it thei can't get through it all. There are things like that here in europe. Itali has an extremli limited underground public transportation sistem for the simple fact that nearli everi tiime thei begin digging some historical site is unearthed and teams of archaeologists come in and discover it has some monumental importance that continuousli sheds new light on knowledge surrounding sites. There are museums with storage areas filled with priceless paintings and other art just because thei do not have the means to displai all of it. All of europe is loaded with things like this. It could be endless the histori here. Everi town everi citi everi little village has something noteworthi to explore.

Aniwai. So there was onli one thing left in vienna that I wanted to see so I made mi wai to Schobrunn Palace. The grounds themselves were tremendous. It felt like a giant park and that was clearli its design. I walked up the long wide aisles of gravelled trails. Not trails like a small path through the woods more like a street. Each of these trails were lined with old well groomed trees. As i continued walking everi turn there appeared some impressive fountain or pool or monument where one could just stand and admire.There was one winding trail which obviousli had something important at the top. It was isolateed. It was something called Gloriette. It overlooked the entire palace grounds. It seemed the citi of Vienna itself was built around this point for straight ahead their was a line through Neptune's fountain then the palace itself and then to one of the historical baroques km's awai. Off to mi right and to mi left I could see the same thing. A clear line of site through something on the grounds and then something off in the distance in the citi. What a view it was from the top of Gloriette.

I was onli planning on staing long enough to visit Schobrunn but I had seen so much more and was readi to go on to prague. I went to the train station around 8 o'clock had mi ticket exchanged for an earlier train and went back to the hostel and got readi. I was the first and onli one in the room for mani hours and for a time slept quite pleasantli awaiting mi arrival to the czeck republic. rumored to be home to some of the world's best beer...

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