2007 - The Year of Spending Dangerously! travel blog

A break from the slog up the road

Kevin looks for the instructions

Barb and Brian are ready to go

So are Jenny and Ellen

Dale and Tony skinning up

Ready to hit the trail

Cathedral Mountain in the sunshine

The easy part

Elizabeth Parker Hut

Mt. Shaffer

The new route to Oderay

Dale squeezes through

Jeff enjoys his first day out

Made it up the steepest bit

Great views ahead

Lunch time

How old is that hat, Barb?

Anniversary photo (5 days early)

Group Photo at Oderay Lookout

Another successful group photo shoot by Bruce

Back up for another run on Easy Skankin'

Everyone wants another run!

One of these men in red did not do a face plant

The lodge from above

Apres ski relaxing

Our compliments to the chef (again)!!

Ate too much again?

Ellen and Jenny model the latest in Lake O'Hara fashion

Good start to our last day

Ready for more turns

On the trail - Dale, Jeff, Jenny

Peter leads the way

Eating again!

On the way up Oderay

Nice views!

...and more

Bruce hangs out... but not for long!

Great turns on Shaffer's Bowl

Back up for one last run

More great views...

...and more food

Brian and Julie smiling on their first trip to Lake O'Hara

Nice light

Finished eating, time to ski one last time

Ellen and Jeff on the ski out

Dale "colouring" the bottom of his ski

Just back from our annual anniversary trip to Lake O'Hara. Our anniversary didn't actually happen while we were there this year but close enough! We've been going to Lake O'Hara every winter since 2000 and we enjoy the trip as much or more each time. Bruce and Alison are excellent hosts, the lodge is comfortable and atmospheric, the food is fantastic and the skiing is always fun. But the best thing is that we get to spend a weekend laughing and having fun with friends (old and new). This year, in addition to regulars Barb, Kevin, Ellen, Jeff, Sharon, Tony and Jenny, we were joined by new friends, Julie and Brian from Stettler (we met them at Purcell Lodge last year). And as usual, there were a few new folks to meet at the lodge. We missed the girls from Toronto this year, hopefully they'll be back next year!

We're generally pretty lucky when it comes to snow conditions and this weekend was no exception. Despite a lack of snow and warm temps for the 2 weeks before our trip, there was fresh snow right before we arrived which made for some great skiing. The conditions were perfect for the ski into the lodge and we were able to wax in, even on the big boards. The only eventful thing that happened that first day was that Kevin beat all of the women to making the first clothing purchase from the O'Hara store!

We played on Oderay on Saturday and were lucky to have conditions that allowed us to ski Easy Skankin'. It was the first time the conditions have been in our favour on this slope since we started coming to Lake O'Hara so we took advantage of it and did 3 fabulous, long runs. After a bit more snow on Saturday night, we made fresh tracks in Shaffer's Bowl on Sunday.

We'll be continuing the tradition next year with our 10th year at Lake O'Hara lodge!

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