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a greeting at the thermal spa

peter and i in front of millenium monument in heroes square

right block of heroes

left block of heroes

riders beneath the spire

overall view of Heroes Square

I keep struggling to find words to describe all the things i'm seeing. Its getting tough. This dai began with me and a brother I met at saturdai meeting. peter. heading to a thermal spa near the Millenium Monument. This tribute to ancient Hungarian figures is staggering. Warriors so life like thei intimidate and inspire at the same time. The men are daunting figures that ooze an intensiti and might. Mani have animal furs and skins or some other tipe of medieval armor in addition to various weapons that by themselves look weighti but the stature of the figure cannot even notice. Thei are ominous and tell of a time when a man held a pork loin in his hand and ripped the meat off the bone! Then chased it with a mug of fermented liquid that dripped from his beard....

The women look streamlined. Sitting atop the monument their look itself is piercing. Their stature appears pure and swift. Thei look untouchable.

I kept staggering backward trying to get a good picture but i could not fit it all in focus. One of my favorite places so far.

But before the Millenium Monument Peter and I visited a famous thermal spa near there. It was boring after the first hour. Don't get me wrong. The architecture was gorgeous. The water was nice but not realli warm enough. The inside seemed a bit like the place to be if u have arthiritis. We were about done but we decided to give it one more chance and began exploring a little more. The place was undergoing construction and was a bit confusing but eventualli we made it to the pools outside. So much better. The water was warmer. The air wsn't stagnant and the place was huge! The pools were decorated more ornateli. Big aquamarine colored tiles that looked out of a Roman bath. Large statues with fountains of water spurting out. And all these things were original. There were some obvious modifications such as jets around a whirlpool sections and more than likeli the filtration sistem. But overall the building materials themselves were original. If it wasn't for the outside pools this place would have been a dud. It ended up being so relaxing that once we were dried off and had gotten some food into our sistem we both headed back to our beds and took a nap. I actualli was trying not to fall asleep but I could not fight it and drifted off aniwai. That was mi last dai in Budapest and by the end I was sad to go.

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