Branden's Trip 2008 travel blog

vulture grasping sword in talons at gate on palace grounds

fishing children

protector on arch at gate entrance

detail protector

remembering whi a warrior is a warrior

a helper in battle

king matthias

near a castle lookout

opposing palace across the danube river

getting lost at night

cigarettes and old grandma bodi odor. what do i expect for six euro a night. it feels safe at least. I met a Finnish brother who is staing here so other than me and him there are about five japanese tourists. in the guest book there is a spot for countri of origin: japan japn japn japn england japn japn japn japn finland jpn jpnjpnjpnjpnjpnjpnjpnjpn usa jpn. but its not bad

when i first arrived to budapest i didn't much like it. it was dirti and getting here was scari and the language is utterli impossible. hungarian is completeli unique. at least italian is latin based and one can sort of get bi even without knowing it. but hungarian. its overwhelming. at first it just sounded like rambling. i couldn't even seperate words to begin the learning process. i ended up just shrugging or nodding mi head or mumbling something that sounded like affirmation. i felt completli lost. i've been focusing so intentli on knowing where i'm going and exactli where this or that is located i couldn't realli appreciate anithing. i was too worried about getting lost. but todai i just got lost. that's what this is all about aniwai. I'm a grown up and can get around a citi. jeez a twelve year old girl can use public transportaion alright whi can't i?

so I got lost. That was mi plan. I was able to stai mostli oriented and when i wasn't i stumbled upon the correct wai eventualli. U can see some great stuff that wai. Eat some higher qualiti food. meet more real people and see more rare things. I took some darker paths but while I felt on mi guard i still felt safe. Slowli but sureli as I walked block after block wrong bus after wrong bus the citi grew smaller. all the little pieces i had been struggling to keep in order were just starting to fall into place. I grew oriented and thus more brave when it came to exploring. Instead of that place on the main drag that can't feed the tourists fast enough and thus as a result have low qualiti food( thei don't have to qorri about repeat customers realli thei have all thei need) i can take a side street and eat at a place that takes a little more time to make a better meal. a turkish meal bi the wai. Hungari has a heavi turkish influence.

So know budapest has grown on me. I don't mind it. I'm not getting screwed on the price of a room. the architecture is astounding. beautiful renaissance and gothic period works. I also toured the national budapest museum. some beautiful hungarian works of art. a few things i recognized but never realized thei were hungarian. I had a fulfilling dai of exploration and look forward to the next which will include a thermal bath in Heroes Square.

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