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Here is Medina Lake as we first saw it on our approach...

Here's Medina Lake from the shore. This spot is just about 100...

Our front yard. Not bad!

A view of our campsite from the lake.

A view of the Medina Lake Dam and the hill country.

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this Cardinal.

The deer coming to dinner.

This doe liked Don a lot!

Even the bucks are friendly.

On Monday, 2/25. we travelled through San Antonia and northwest to the small town of Lakehills, located on Medina Lake. We weren't sure what to expect, but we anticipated some great views, small towns, and friendly people. We got all three. This is Texas hill country. The hills in this area are small, more like bumps in the earth, and are covered with Live Oaks, Cedar, and Mesquite. Because the trees are low growing, you can see over the hills, so it's different and unique from what we've experienced in other areas of the country. But as we explore the back roads, I bet we'll see higher, more mountainous terrain.

Since we often see the same people in the Thousand Trails parks, we have talked with several of them about the Medina Lake Preserve. All of them, each and every one of them, have mentioned the deer and how many of them there are. You literally see hundreds of them any time day or night....mostly does but we have seen a few bucks. They are small, White Tails, and they are not afraid of humans. At this minute I am at the Activity Center using the park's Wi-Fi, and as I sit outside on the pavilion, I can hear the deer behind me. As I turn to look, the doe is not more than 5 feet away...looking, I suppose, for food. Our neighbor at Colorado River had just come from here, and he gave us some leftover deer corn he didn't use - 1/3 or more of a 50 lb. bag. The first night here, we returned from town and the deer were out front of our campsite. Don went to the back seat of the truck and threw out some of the corn. The deer came from everywhere. Now, whenever we return in the truck, they come running...I think they associate the truck with food. And of course, we oblige them. They'll eat from your hand, but we've settled for letting them eat from the cup. Because there as so many of them and hunting is not permitted, they appear diseased and carry the ticks that cause Lyme's Disease. I actually feel sorry for them. They are beautiful creatures, but I fear a lot of them will not make it through the hot summer to come.

The animal life here is abundant. We've also seen opossums and jack rabbits as well as a huge variety of birds. I can hear the doves cooing, but they are hard to see because they blend into the foliage. The cardinals are's the state bird in Ohio, but I've seen way more of them here in just a week than I did the whole time we lived in Ohio. The neighbors feed them, so they are always around. The Texas state bird is the mockingbird, which we've seen several times, but I can never get a good shot with the camera. I've yet to see an Armadillo, but I'll keep looking.

Upcoming adventures include a trip to Bandera, the Cowboy Capitol of the World, and a trip to San Antonia to do some sightseeing, so I expect to have some great pictures for you real soon.

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