The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

We left Quito behind this morning on an early flight bound for Miami where we had to clear customs...this was a treat in itself, what with security measures seeming to go well beyond what would really appear to be necessary...welcome back to North America..if we had been subjected to checks like this in all the places we visited on this trip, we probably wouldn’t have had time to see anything (or so it would seem)...after standing in line for an hour to clear customs (where you had to show all you ID and get fingerprinted), we had just made it to the yellow line when a security guy came by and checked our passport and says, “Oh, you guys are should have just gone thru the line that is designated US residents only and you would have saved yourself an hour standing in line”...gee, thanks for the early heads would appear that the fingerprinting, etc is only for Europeans, South Americans,, we had to make our way to a baggage handling area to get our bags onto our connecting flight to Orlando and then go thru the process of getting our boarding cards approved (which we had obtained in Quito) and for which we had no paper ticket since we had made a last minute change to our tickets while in Lima to bypass staying in Miami and go directly to Orlando...this prior action seemed to cause the ticket desk all sorts of problems but we finally got it sorted out and then made our way thru to security to leave Miami, where because of the “changes” in our tickets, we were considered a security risk and were flagged for a detailed check of our carry on bags...we even had our computer and carrying case wiped down for explosives if you can believe it!!! What we thought would be ample time to get thru customs, etc (we had about 3 hours between flights) almost turned out to be a mad dash to get ourselves to the gate on time for the plane...we eventually got on board and breathed a sigh of relief when we made it into our seats, since the plane had been oversold and there were numerous others trying to get on the flight who never made it...we got to Orlando at about 5:30 p.m. hoping our bags had gotten there as well...they eventually came around on the baggage carousel and soon after we were in a cab on our way to our time share exchange in Kissimee, on the Magic Kingdom’s doorstep!!!!!

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