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Making breakfast outside in the entertainment centre

Desert Shores Resort - at the back of the Casita - Larry,...

Back Yard!!

Pool from Casita #2

Casita Pool and Hot Tub


Sitting area

Sitting area

A yellow kitchen

Waterway going through the park - common area at the back of...

Casita - motorcoach to be parked in the driveway to the left.

Coffee Table

The crowd at the Bethlehem potluck

The street got together and donated margueritas and mudslides.

Cool car recently purchased at auction

The guys washing the motorhome - there were 12 of them!

It didn't take long!

New location for the outside TV while in Mesa

Mesa campsite

It works!

Sunset at Viewpoint RV Resort, Mesa

Lunch at the Peoria Ballpark

The Ballfield. The complex includes 12 practice fields and administrative offices for...

Vladimir Guerero, Anaheim Angels

Look at all the personnel!

Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners

No room for the management staff in the dugout!

Haven't been able to figure out what kind of bird this is.

Superstition Mountains

Goldfield Ghost Town, established 1893

Jailhouse Rules state there are only two trips allowed per day to...

Goldfield church

Main street

Cactus Lake viewpoint

Dolly the Steamboat on Cactus Lake

Cactus Lake

Fishing on Cactus Lake - a couple of weeks ago this lakebed...

Wildflowers - mostly poppies

Lupines and daisies


Happy hour with Valerie!


Gretzky Photo #51 is the Great One - This is The Other...

Valerie and Larry at the Outback Steakhouse

Valerie and Maureen - too much happy hour!

Our server, Nicole.

A giant taco instead of an orca.

Where did it go?

2:50 left in the first period. It went downhill from there!

Luongo - he made a lot of amazing saves

Dave Nonis and Steve Tambellini

The Great One!

ViewPoint RV Resort from the Northpoint Club House

Pool at our clubhouse

Dove on her nest

On February 24, we went with Jim and Ingrid to an Open House at the new Motorcoach Resort across the street from our RV Resort. Very fancy! After that we went to Desert Shores RV Resort and looked at their sites. Theirs are a bit different in that a 1200 sq ft Casita is built on the property and you drive your motorcoach up and park it. The Casita has a bedroom, bathroom, laundry, living room with fireplace a large kitchen and a garage. Out back is an inground pool/hot tub/seating/BBQ area. Even more fancy!

On February 25, we went to Ken and Bonnie's for a wonderful dinner. Ken is a work colleague of Larry's. They own a space in a resort called Date Palm Country Club in Cathedral City. Larry finally pulled his golf clubs out of the car for the first time since leaving Canada in October. They were to come to our place for a return visit on the 27th but it wasn't to be. They both picked up the flu. A raincheck is definitely in order.

On February 26 and 27 we attended the Family Motor Coach Association International Convention in Pomona. It was held at the Fairplex where the drag races were held and it is a huge event although not nearly as many people as at the drag races! People can bring their coaches and stay in them and at the same time have repairs or work done. It is a five day event. We just took the car and stayed at the Best Western. While we were there, we spent soooo much. We purchased parts and arranged for the automation of our awning, bought a new tow bar (replaced our 15 year old one), a new coffee table (matches the wood of our cupboards and does tricks - see, a macerator (this chops the solids in the sewer and pumps it out though a very small hose), tech support insurance, and looked at new coaches - there were over 950 new coaches on display there including the 2009 models.

On February 28 there was an amazing potluck at the park. In one corner of the park there is an island of palm trees in the middle of the curve in the road. Someone years ago hung a beautifully lit star in the trees. Someone started calling the area Bethlehem and it stuck. Once a year Bethlehem hosts an appetizer potluck that draws several hundred people from the park and an enormous amount of appies and desserts. It's BYOB but the hosts donate margueritas and mudslides. They set up a lot of picnic tables right in the road but there's not enough room for everyone so Jim went back and got his lawn chairs. They also have a live group playing music. There was probably 300 people at this fantastic event.

The next morning we had the motorhome and car washed. As you can see from the photos there were 12 Mexicans washing, drying and polishing. It took them all of 25 minutes to complete this wash and it cost $60.00 When they were done we left for Mesa Arizona. The I10 freeway leading into Phoenix is an absolute nightmare at 3:30 in the afternoon. It took us an hour and a half to get from the outskirts of Phoenix to Mesa.

By March 1 we had already met John and Jan, Jarvis, and Richard, our neighbours. It's a very friendly park with over 1900 spots in this resort that has park models as well as room for coaches like ours. There is also constant activity at this resort with big name shows that happen every Tuesday night in the clubhouse ballroom. There are also a lot of birds including quail, doves, killdeer, mockingbirds, ravens, sparrows and finches. There is always birdsong.

We spent a few lazy days before we went to our first Cactus League MLB game. The Peoria Sports Complex is about an hour away from where we are parked. We watched Seattle play the LA Angels of Anaheim. We had a good lunch. Again, too much food!

On March 6 we were supposed to go to another ball game but the guy who was to install the awning got the times messed up and arrived too late for us to get to the game. The new awning is wonderful. It will go in and out at the push of a button which is much easier and when the wind gets up (which it seems to a lot) we can bring it in very quickly. It took him several hours to finish the installation.

On March 7 we headed out for a drive and went to see a ghost town called Goldfield. It is fairly commercialized and built on quite a steep hill. It did not make for easy walking as it was also loose gravel. Then we drove on as far as Tortilla Flats. It is a quaint little place - basically a saloon turned restaurant and gift shop at a bend in the road. It was extremely busy so we didn't stop there for lunch. We came back to the Lakeside Restaurant right on the shore of Cactus Lake. While at Tortilla Flats we went through a quite nice RV park which would accommodate a big rig. It was a National Park facility. Cactus Lake is the middle one in a chain of three lakes caused by the Roosevelt Dam. Apparently a couple of weeks before, the lake was totally drained and was recently refilled. In the afternoon after we got back to our park Maureen went to see a quilt show at our clubhouse. Apparently there are 150 quilters in the park and they are incredibly talented.

On March 8 it was haircut day. Thank goodness that our next haircuts will be at home because these were not the best. Larry best haircut while we were away was in Algodones Mexico. In the afternoon Jim and Marie from White Rock stopped by on their way to the airport - they were going home for a few days. They are staying at a gated town home complex house north of Phoenix in Anthem. We will see them again before we leave.

On March 9 it was time for the Stupids to visit Arizona. The night before Larry had sent an e-mail to his contact at Starchoice indicating that Daylight Savings Time was happening and could he change the clock on our satellite? When Maureen got up the clock on the satellite was changed so she proceeded to change every clock in the house. We were scheduled to go pick up the Canucks tickets Larry had purchased on Ebay at 12:45 so we headed out and went to Applebees for lunch. The guy out front had made a comment that they had just opened at 11:00. We thought that was odd because it was 11:55 according to our watches. Anyway we ate then went to sit in the parking lot of the meeting place and wait for the Ebay guy to deliver the hockey tickets. We sat there for quite a while and thought the guy was late so Larry called him. Much to our surprise at this point we found out that Arizona does NOT change their clocks for Daylight Saving Time! We ended up sitting in that parking lot for two hours! When the guy arrived it looked like we were doing a drug deal in the parking lot.

We went to the Mesa Marketplace for a short time on the way home. We will go to it again. It is on every weekend and has 1600 vendors. Ian and Gail arrived today. They recently purchased a park model in the same park.

On March 11, Valerie arrived to stay for two nights (the first to try out our hideabed). We had a wonderful time (well mostly Maureen and Valerie). There was a flurry of shopping and a really good dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. There was also an incident with hives - Maureen got them - we figure it was an allergic reaction to the artichokes she put in dinner on Tuesday night - against Larry's strongly stated recommendation! So there!

On March 13 we took Valerie back to where she was staying in Chandler and we went to the Phoenix/Vancouver hockey game. Turned out that Valerie ended up going to the game as well with her family. As you all know by now, the Canucks played horribly and lost. We went to a couple of sports stores in the Phoenix area trying to find some Canucks gear to wear to the game but no one carries anything other than Coyotes, Suns and Cardinals stuff. Even the Coyotes arena only carries Coyotes product and nothing else. It was a good thing as the Canucks stunk up the house that night in Phoenix.

On March 14 we went to a Seattle/Rockies Baseball Game. It was very warm and windy. There was a good-sized crowd there. We saw two home runs hit.

On March 15 while Maureen was eating breakfast, she saw a dove making repeated trips into a flower pot on the rear neighbour's deck. By afternoon there was an egg in the nest. The neighbours have decided they will let them be for now.

We are scheduled to return home on April 7 - we now have tickets for Wine and Dine that night so we mustn't miss that!

See you soon.

Maureen and Larry

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