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Lake Elizabeth, California

Lake Elizabeth, California (from the other direction)

Lake Elizabeth and our neighbors

Not the real Lake Elizabeth

This is the first major change we have made in our itinerary. We had planned on going to Pahrump, Nevada for a week but decided at the last minute to go into California instead. We had planned on visiting with a longtime friend in Las Vegas but she was having surgery and not up to company and Trish had such a bad experience in Laughlin, the only thing to do there was make day trips. What we wanted to see would fit into a special trip to take in Utah, the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona. So we decided to save that journey for anouther day.

As it turned out the weather in the LV area was horrible during our planned stay so we felt justified in our decision. But then again......maybe not. The Lake Elizabeth Golf and RV park did not live up to its advertising. It was a newly developed park so I'll give them that but it stops there. The place was a baren sand lot with most of the campsites washed out due to previous rains. The elevation there was 3900 ft. and the wind howled the entire time we were there and all without internet. There was limited cell service but you had to stand beside a certain tree to get it. Which tree depended on your service provider.

On Valentines day there was a special dinner planned with reservation being taken so we signed up. Our reservation was for 7:30 so we showed up 5 minutes early. I should have known better than to trust their system. We were not on the list but were promised service as time allotted. We waited for 2 hours before being seated. The bar turned into self service so I didn't care as time wore on. When we did finally get to eat, the meal was delicious and worth the wait. Never mind the missing salad and the fact the "loaded" baked potato came with only a spoonful of sour cream. As it turned out, one couple had signed up fo the dinner and had brought 20 friends without putting them on the reservation list. The staff just lost it. They did the best they could and were very appologetic when they started running out of food and beverage.

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