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Stopped to pick up hitch-hikers on the way in - Dave on...

...and Ginny

It was still snowing on day 1

John and Ena have the same photo idea

De-skinning on the top of "Mohawk" on day 2

Great turns on the "Great Morraine"

John has a great run on "The Abyss"

Morning light from the heli-pad - looks like a great day!

Ready to go on a beautiful morning

Winter Wonderland

Heading to the Wildcat Glacier

The views just get better

Dave earned his cookies, tough trail breaking

Dale was right behind him

No sunburn for Ena!

Dave takes a break with glacial ice behind

Marianne sets up a photo

More great views

Continuing up the Wildcat Glacier

This is the easy part for Ginny!

Ginny takes a break at the top of the pass

View of the Wapta Icefields from the pass at the top of...

Dale and Sarah at the pass

Group photo at the pass - the weather socked in for a...

Dale and Ginny get ready for the ski down the glacier

Nice turns Ginny!

Lunch break in the sunshine

Which turns are yours Dale?

On the way back up for another run

And more up


Going up for another run

At the top of "Saber Tooth"

Jen enjoys the view

So does Dale


The rest of the gang arrives

Don's rule - the last one up gets to go down first!

Dave and Ginny

John takes a break after the first pitch down

Moon rising

Back at the lodge at dusk

Ena and John



Marianne and Guy






Last day looking good

Destination Nexus Peak in middle of photo via Ophidian Glacier

Starting up the Ophidian Glacier

Scepter Spire

Dave - Dale - Dog

Don with Mt. Barbette in the back left

Snack stop

Don has something to smile about

Last push to the pass

Me and my shadow

The 3 D's again

Dave and Ginny head up the ridge

Pam enjoys the non-stop views

Lunch stop before bagging the peak

Cookie crumb clean-up crew

Booting it up to the summit

Pam and Dale at the top

Dave's seen it all before but it still makes him smile!

John's smiling too

Even Ginny is enjoying the view

Booting it back down the ridge

Now the fun part starts!

Dale rips it up on the tele skis

Nice turns!

Made it down from the top before the wind kicked in


Back up to make more lines in the snow from a different...


A well tracked slope

Next pitch down

Beneath the Spire

Evidence of a good time



The way home

Evening light

Time to go

Last look at the lodge

We were there!

Another great day to fly

Where NOT to ski

Distant peaks

Kicking Horse ski resort in the distance

End of a perfect trip

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 2.88 MB)

View part way up the Wildcat Glacier

(MP4 - 4.47 MB)

View from the top of the Wildcat Glacier over the Wapta Icefields

(MP4 - 2.55 MB)

Skiers on the Wildcat Glacier

(MP4 - 4.55 MB)

View from the pass above the Ophidian Glacier

(MP4 - 1.81 MB)

Telemarking on the Ophidian

(MP4 - 5.99 MB)

The flight back to Golden

We enjoyed our trip to Mistaya Lodge in January so much that we decided to go back again. This is the first time we've ever gone into the same lodge twice in one season. We had planned on doing another trip but hadn't booked anything and when we heard from the Mistaya owners, Cindy and Dave, that there was only one week booked in February, we decided we'd like to support them and try and get a group together. Ena and John were keen and Cindy was able to find some other folk interested in a 4 night trip so everything came together.

Good thing, this was without a doubt the best backcountry trip we have ever done! It snowed 70cm in the 5 days before we arrived and then another 15-20cm the first 2 days we were there. Then the sun came out and it was blue skies, little wind and the temperature was low enough so that the snow stayed light and fluffy. The prevailing comment all weekend was "it doesn't get any better than this!".

Dave, the owner, drove part way in on a snowmobile so that he could stay an extra day and then ski/sled out. So the helicoptor dropped down and picked him and his dog Ginny up on the way in (helicoptor hitch-hikers!). Dave was our guide for the trip (followed closely by Ginny as usual), Jen did her magic in the kitchen for us and Kim was our tail guide. In addition to Ena and John, we were joined by a mother/daughter team from Australia, Heather and Sara, and 3 folks from Invermere, Don, Guy and Marianne.

One of the great things about these ski trips is that we always meet interesting people and this trip was no exception!

As the snow continued for the first 2 days, we hit the trees and had some great deep powder skiing on "Heather Ridge", "Mohawk", "Great Morraine" and "The Abyss". Then the sun came out and it was glacier skiing on the Wildcat Glacier (our first time up there, what a treat!) and the Ophidian Glacier with a side trip to the summit of Nexus Peak. We could gush on and on about the skiing but we'll let the photos and videos speak for themselves. Warning! There are a lot of photos, we uploaded most of them so that the others on the trip could download some if they wanted to.

The day we flew out was another beautiful sunny day and we had a real treat as the conditions enabled us to fly directly over the mountains instead of through the valleys.

It definitely doesn't get any better than that!

We won't be going back again this year but will definitely be back in 2009!

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