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Catherine enjoys the flight to the lodge

John, ready to hit the trail

Ena gets ready

Admiring the view before heading off

And what a view it is!

Beacon practice

Dale on the trail

Ena's turn

Russ - guide, singer and master (?) joke teller

Relaxing after dinner

A blustery day on the Ophidian Glacier

Which way do we go?

John, Ena and Dave

Ski fashion a la Ian

Skinning up

Heading up Heather Ridge

The sun is up there somewhere!

Ian, Catherine and Ena, ready for the down part

John de-skins

John takes a tumble

Barry shows us how it's done

Dale too

The Dave and Ginny Show

Ginny gets the face shots!

Russ knows how to do it

After a hard day on the slopes, one tired puppy!

Time to leave - now the sun comes out!

Ginny wants to come

No room for dogs on this flight!

John, the birthday boy, gets the front seat

Pam and Catherine enjoy the flight

A great day to fly

Snowy Peaks

....and more....

....and more!

Back in Golden

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A blustery day on Mohawk

Back to Mistaya Lodge for what is apparently now an annual January ski trip. Mistaya is a beautiful, comfortable lodge about 20 minutes by helicoptor from Golden BC. The lodge sits in a valley surrounded by mountain peaks and glaciers. This year we were joined by friends Ian, Catherine, John and Ena. With only 3 other guests booked into the lodge, we had plenty of room! Dave, the owner, was our main guide and he was helped out by Ian and Russ. Russ also kept us entertained with some songs in the evening and a never ending supply of jokes! Jen cooked up some amazing meals for us! Ginny, Dave's dog, welcomed us as we got off the helicoptor and came along on all of our outings.

It was a bit blustery and socked in while we were there so unfortunately we couldn't spend much time up high on the glaciers. But the great thing about Mistaya is that there is plenty of good tree skiing to be found. As usual, the guides did a great job of finding the best snow and everyone was tired and happy at the end of each day.

The sky cleared on the day we left which made for a very scenic return flight to Golden.

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