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Bani River

Boat to Timbuktou?


Mopti is the tourist centre of Mali, mainly because it's the place most people get the ferry or a private boat to Timbuktou, for me it was the place that I came to see jan Joost before he flew back to Holland. For me it's a horrible place full of the worst touts, wannabe guides and hustlers in the country, those who won't take no for an answer and tell blatant lies tinged with threats to try to get you to "use there services". Add on top of that a very nice hotel but crawling with French tourists then I wanted out. I might have well have gone to Marseilles if I wanted a city 50:50, rich white French and poor africans.

When I called jan and found out that he was actually staying in Sevare the junction town for Mopti 12km away I couldn't move there fast enough. Sevare was a complete contrast, a pleasant town with decent hotels, few tourists and even fewer touts. I stayed in a hotel recommended by Jan and had a very nice meal in a local restaurant with him before I headed off to Djenne and he flew back to Holland. I returned to Sevare after Djenne and made a deal with a nice young lad from the hotel to use him as a guide to Dogon Country.

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