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Boat trip to Angels Falls

Angels Falls

view from Canaima beach

After a few relaxing days at the beach we took a night bus to Ciudad Bolivar..CB... From here we organized a trip to see Angel's Falls.

The nigh bus is an experience in itself if I have not told you already. It is crazy because it is hot and humid out side, but in the bus they blast the AC. I have to wear a long sleve shirt, sweater, fleece, scarf, and a sarong over my pants to be warm enough to sleep.

The Posada we stayed in was wonderful. The couple who built it started from scratch with this hollowed out very high ceiling shell of a building and built like a museum. There were these great arches linking rooms, beautiful wood furniture, an open air kitchen linking some of the rooms with the rest of the area, and a large open area in the middle. I have som photos, but they probably won't do it justice.

For the tour we drove withour group to a town 2.5 hours away to catch our flight to Canaima ..we save $50 for not flying directly from CB. The fligh was on a 6 seater Cessna. I have never flown on this small a plane so it was a little scary, but the scenery was worth it. The flight only lasted 25 minutes. Upon arriving in Canaima we boarded motorized canoes to go see waterfalls nearby. There is a beutiful lagoon in Canaima with a white sand beach, views of these waterfalls, and mountain/jungle in the background. We were able to walk behind the waterfalls that are not so tall, but very wide and powerful. Of course we got soaked along he way.

We then walked to some other Canoes above the lagoon and started on our trip to the camp site. We had a good group...two Dutch, three Swiss, two Checks, one Norwegian, one Colombian, one Venezuelan, and us. I of course was the oldest!! The trip took two hours with wonderful scenery along the way viewing the Tapuis...flat top mountains that are supposed to be 200,000 years old. The top portions are rock and the rest is sandstone surrounded by jungle. The camp is very basic and we slept in hammocks...I am getting pretty good at this. You have to lie diagonal not straight.

In the morning we travelled two more hours upriver to the falls. Angels Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world for freefalling waterfalls...ones that do not stop and start again. The site is trully amazing. One of the nicest I have ever seen. The semicircle rock where the fall hangs is beautiful in itself. After sitting at the view point we swam in a pool below a smaller falls under the big one. At one point we sat on a rock right under the small fall getting blasted by water while looking up at the large falls. An incredible seat!!

After lunch we returned to our camp, but on the way stopped off in the middle of the river to jump of rocks into pools. I jumped higher than I ever had and it took me three attempts to actually jump. Ed was pretty proud. Even though I rockclmb I am afraid of heights.

The next day we returned to Canaima where the rest of our group left, but Ed and I decide to stay the night to enjoy he afernoon on the beach at the lagoon. One of the nicest beaches with views I have ever been to. We got very lucky because we were supposed to sleep in hammocks fo free, but the guy we organized the tour through called and told the camp in Canaima to give us a room for free...it is the low season so they were empty. Free upgrade!!! The next day at midday we were to join another group to return to CB. We got another free upgrade. Insteaad of flying to the town near CB we got to fly direct..an 50 min flight that saves 3 hours in a car.

In CB we took a night bus to Santa Elena..a small town on the border with Brazil in the south east corner of Venezuela. Here we are going on a treck to the Tapui of Roraima. More on that later.


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