Branden's Trip 2008 travel blog

Welcome to my blog. Though is this a blog? I'm going with that cause I don't know what else to call it. I'd rather not call it "Dear online diary" or " internet journal". And all the guys I know feel free to make fun when I get home.

I feel I should preemptively explain that a few keys on my laptop don't work so if a sentence sounds funny that's the reason. The y button and the comma doesn't work so there won't be a lot of them. Except when there are no other words I can use then I will cut and paste.

I haven't left. Not until Tues. but I get more and more nervous as the flight approaches. I have the first week or so sort of planned out but not to a T. I'm staying as flexible

as possible while still being responsible. I don't know how responsible it is to not have an idea of what a person's doing for 5 additional weeks in another country but whatev. get off the back!

I'll keep up with this thing as much as possible but I won't let it consume too much time. Feel free to visit and comment and scoop around etc. as much as you want. I'm sure I will get a little homesick and I'm also sure you'll be able to help with that. so..... enjoy. I will. If all goes well.

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