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John here.... Lyle sent me an email last night. Still no photos or word on why the guy at Glaze Internet Cafe in Adelaide was not able to send them as was expected. The big news is that Lyle will be having lunch tomorrow (today) with famous children's book author Margaret Mahy.

Lyle wrote:

Dear John,

We tried to reach the Glaze Internet Cafe in Adelaide to ask him to send the missing photos but we must have the wrong address as he didn't reply.

Here on South Island it is summer but it is not hot and humid as it was in Brisbane. In fact, today walking on the beach in New Brighton (a suburb of Christchurch) I had the real danger of sunburn while feeling a bit chilly in my shirt sleeves.

The public library is open and very busy on Sunday. The library is beautiful and I have taken pictures inside and outside to share with Linda and the staff.

Both Australia and New Zealand are so continuously scenic that I feel a tourist committee must have had a hand in their creation.

A special treat for me is my visit tomorrow with famous New Zealand author Margaret Mahy. We will chat over lunch tomorrow near her home in Lyttelton. Although it is not my measure of greatness- she has won more national and international awards for children's literature than any other author.

I do miss the land and people of Cook County.


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