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"Swinging" statue

Nick get the credit for this one!

I haven't seen these back home!

After a shower

Our favourite orchid - there were only 3 or 4 that we...

A sea of white orchids with a wonderful husband who agreed to...

Gotta love that macro setting - and without the $300 lense Nick...

Returning the favour to Nick

Purple flowers always make me think of my Mother in Law, Judy

This photo has been made possible with a 12 hour high school...

Looks like a perfect Christmas plant

Concert venue in the middle of the park. Asia has some really...

We had a great walk around the Singapore Botanical Gardens, which included an extra Orchid Garden. The orchids were a small extra cost, while the rest of the huge gardens were free. They are only a shot hop from Brandi and Terry's place, and well worth the time we spent there.

We took tons of photos while there. Please note: if for some reason you don't like photos of flowers, or are scared of photos of flowers, you should probably skip away from this entry. Why not go and read a book or something. The rest of us will enjoy these photos of mainly orchids, along with some other plantlife.

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