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Blue with dock lines on

Lots of activity just off our stern

The masons here do an amazing job with walls

Another view at the new La Cruz marina

The palapas here are beautiful. This is going to be the new...

So there are virtues to living in a marina. First and foremost is AMPS! We have learned that we can be very conservative at anchor by managing lighting, refrigeration, TV, stereo, etc. We found ourselves yesterday enjoying air conditioning at the dock. This morning I found myself reading with 3 lights on, the coffee percolating, the internal night lights on and charging the laptop. Now I better understand AMP hours. Just how many AMPS does a single light use? One AMP per hour. Coffee pot while brewing a whopping 10! The stereo is a good value, under 1 per hour. The anchor light cost 2 AMPS per hour with nothing gained inside, though safety is worth something here. I now know about things I never in my wildest dreams thought I would even care about. But for now, we are in a marina with seemingly endless AMPS. I call this AMP heaven! We are Americans after all...

So there are downsides to marinas. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. As a cruiser this is generally a good thing but some are a little over zealous. Mike often goes missing since he is often outside and messing about with a number of outdoor projects. Next thing I know, he has a new friend when he returns about an hour later. He thinks he is not a social being (but he secretly likes it). This marina will be huge and first class when completed but for now it is only about ΒΌ full, thus fewer new friends. Another disadvantage to being in a marina is air flow. When tied to a dock, the boat cannot swing around as we do at anchor and face into the wind, which provides whatever wind is available.

All considered this marina is a nice change.

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