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Us at Ta Nei, Day 3

Faces, Bayon, Day 4

Sunrise at Pre Rup, Day 2

Khmer 1st graders from a small village near the Prei Monti Temple...

Us at Banteay Samre, Day 2

Tom at Phnom Bok, Day 2

Our driver, the best in all of Siem Reap, Keo Pich, the...

What does it say?

Climbing up the temple mountain on our first day, Rolus Group, Bakong

The view past the lions towards the East Entrance, most temples have...

These are the kids from the primary school. They followed us down...

Here they all are watching their video

Not much Wat left but there were many children around

Their eyes tell so much

Meditation in the doorway


Tom and Nandin, the bull mount of Shiva

Local kids on their way home from school. It is quite normal...

Some local children outside of their home on the way to Banteay...

Pre Rup temple moments after daybreak

Tom at Pre Rup, our second sunrise, wandering into this complex in...

Meditation time with the Pre Rup's temple mountain in the background

Chau Srei Vibol temple is being consumed by the jungle. This temple...

Tom and his new buddie outside of the temple gate

Trees take back the jungle slowly engulfing each piece of stone

Phnom Bok temple is up a long stairway that never seems to...

Phnom Bok has two large frangipani trees growing out of the temples...

Banteay Samre stories

Inner moat in Banteay Samre temple, this temple has the only internal...

More interesting carved stories, not sure what this one is about


Bouganvilla at the temple

Sunrise day 2 at Banteay Kdei

Banteay Kdei mid 10th century

Ta Prohm consumed by Kapok trees

In the background of the carvings you can see tree branches, fitting...

The famous tree roots at Ta Prohm, Tom's favorite temple

Look at the size of the roots

The stones of the temple are no match for nature

The question is...does the tree start on the ground and grow up?...

You can't just take one picture of this one, you see this...

Ta Nei

Ta Keo, enormous temple mountain but never finished, apparently lightening struck during...

Super fine details on this apsara dancer at the Thanonom Temple

Even her skirt has pleats

Ornate headdresses adorn all apsaras here

Gods hold on to naga tail at the main entrance to Anghor...

Elephants carry tourists through the gates into Anghor Thom just like in...

Gods on the west, demons on the east of the South Gate,...

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Sunrise at Banteay Srei Temple Day 5

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Khmer children, 1st graders at 9th century temple Day 1

Day 1

Roluos Group 9th century, earliest site of 600-year Angkorian Period: Bakong (sunrise), Preah Ko, Lolei, Prei Monti, Trapeang Phong (we met our 1st graders), Totoeng Thngai (children, just doorways)

Day 2

Pre Rup (sunrise), Banteay Samre (2nd favorite), Phnom Bok (up the never ending staircase), Chau Srei Vibol (sworded child guide)

Day 3

Banteay Kdei (sunrise), Ta Prohm 1250AD, Ta Nei, Ta Keo, Thomanon, Chao Say Thevoda

Day 4

Bayon (sunrise), Baphoun, Terrace of Elepants and Leper King, Phimeanakas, Royal Pond, Preah Paliday, Tep Pranam, 12 Prassat Suar Prat, South Kleang (horses, nuns), Baksei Cham Krong, Bakheng 889AD

Day 5

Banteay Srei (sunrise), Angkor Wat

Day 6

Preah Kahn (sunrise yoga), Banteay Prei, Neak Pean, Ta Som, East Mebon

Day 7

Revisit favorites: Preah Kahn (sunrise), Bayon, Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat

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