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Taxi to Labe

Dead I think


Lunch stop


Another taxi epic, at least this one didn't involve any changes and started with only a 90 minute wait. I was by the window in the back row of seats and on such a potholed road which wasn't paved until a few kilometers from Labe my head got a serious bashing against the window for the entire journey. I got to Labe feeling like I done 30 rounds with a one-handed Frank Bruno.

Food was also a problem in Labe, the restaurants were all closed for whatever reason and the street food was awful. I hd a bowl of boiled maize with a broth of offal, she tried to give me big lumps of intestines but I kindly refused and ased for just the juice, it was still one of the most disguisting meals I've ever eaten, or not eaten as I left most of it. Fortunately they did have beer in Labe although the description of it being cold was a bit optomistic I still filled my empty belly with nutritious Guinness.

The area that Labe is in, the Futa Djalon mountains was beautiful and we were going to sty 2 days but the lack of food options forced us to move on after 1 night.

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