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early morning shot as we leave Cairns behind

see the island on the left?? its costs $10,000 a night to...

North Queensland has it all. Beaches, Ocean, Rainforest & Mountains...

WARNING LOTS OF BIRD SHOTS COMING UP (yes i have bought an...

This is a 'gala' as in "you flamin gala" (alf stewart -...

pretty parrot having his breakfast

forgot to mention i saw a turtle when we were at the...

eurgh scary snake....i touched it, it was gross!

scary lizard (didnt like the reptile house much at all)

Can you see why i didnt like the reptile house??

Look at me feeding the tickled!


aaah look at the little joey in its pouch

Sailing up the Daintree river looking for Crocs

found one!

this part of the world is just beautiful

another view

getting right in there looking for crocs (i preferred the middle of...

nice sign to welcome you onto the beach!


no going in the water though: CROCS & JELLYFISH

squinty eyed shot

where the rainforest meets the reef. Only place in the world 2...

and again.

under the cover of the rainforest

had to hike through the rainforest to take this pic

Mossman gorge

To be honest i wasnt particularly looking forward to this trip. When i went into the tour operators i knew i wanted to do the horse riding and the barrier reef but i needed something to fill another day so they told me i "had to go to the rainforest". Really wasnt sure what the trip entailed, but i am sooooooooo glad i did it. Sometimes life can surprise you in a nice way!

I got picked up from my hotel at 7am (yes another crack of dawn start) and found out that there would only be 6 people on the trip which was really nice as it made it so much more personal and we got to spend a lot more time at different places.

Off we went to our first destination, a rainforest habitat. Here i got to hand feed the kangeroos, touch a snake (didnt like that bit so much), see the biggest croc i have ever seen and see all the native birds etc from Australia. I have taken a million photos so will put them all on asap for you.

2nd stop was a cruise down the Daintree River, again the guide was so informative and really funny - he tried to get us to eat Citric Ants that apparently taste like lemon meringue pie.....surprisingly he didnt have too many takers for that one....even more disgusting he then suggested that we can taste the flavour another way without having to eat their bottoms! yes a tour guide actually said that sentence to me..i nearly fell out of the boat in shock but quickly remembered the story he had just told us about 'Beryl' the lady who put her hands in the water to cool off and got gobbled up by a croc.

Once we were north of the river we were in real 'rainforest' 'outback' country. Dirt tracks and no electricity anywhere for the rest of the journey. And its not like no one lives there, there are small villages and towns and everything they just cope without electricity and all have 4 wheel drives to get around. We had lunch at 'Cape Tribulation' which is the most beautful beach ihave ever been too. Its where they filmed that Brooke Shields movie 'Blue Lagoon' and it is just paradise. Again photos on the way.

After a hike through the rainforest (wow wow wow) we headed back towards Cairns, stopping off at a place called "Mossman Gorge" this is a river in the middle of the rainforest that doesnt have any of the scary crocs, jellyfish or snakes and there is this watering hole that you can all dive into. We were all boiling so jumped in and spent a glorious hour floating about.

Then off back to Cairns to collapse, the heat really takes it out of you!

The next morning i awoke to another gorgeous day but had to pack my rucksack and head on home. Im glad to be back in Sydney to see everyone but my trip really has awakened the travel bug in me...i cant wait to go exploring again

Vik x x

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