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Playing with the butterflies common to Malaysia

Kyla posing, somewhat reluctantly, with a new friend. Note the lack of...

Looking back at the Butterfly Gardens

Huge salvia plant. Ours at home certainly do not grow this big.

A convenience store near our hostel. The sacks of rice make navigating...

What a real trail looks like. After an hour, though, it petered...

Us hiking trail 9, to the Robinson Waterfall.

Action shot of Nick scrambling under a fallen tree. Where did that...

After a looong walk beside the main road ("I promise it's not...

Out in the park, playing our new favourite game - Dice, taught...

Facebook profile posin' in the park

In the Tanah Rata park. The tree was definitely a weird looking...

At one of our new favourite restaurants - T's cafe, with our...

With one of the servers at T's cafe. They have an internet...

The main street of Tanah Rata, with dozens of excellent little indian...

Father's Guesthouse - one of the best hostels we've stayed at. Cheap,...

Travel hints on the Cameron Highlands (based out of Tanah Rata)

-If you are on a budget like us, stay the Father's Guesthouse. Regardless of what Lonely Planet says, it is NOT a party place. Most people were in their late 20's and above and the guesthouse does not tolerate any loud partying. Each evening 2 movies are played in the common room (one at 5:00, the other at 7:00). Our room cost RM 25 - with shared bath that is kind of like summer camp.

-Do your laundry in Tanah Rate - 5 kg = RM 8. We used the place near the Travellers Bar, near the 2 internet cafes. It only took 5 hours from drop off to pick up.

-Eat at the Indian banana leaf places - we loved the one closest to the guesthouse, beside the Travellers Bar (the bar looked rather pricey so we avoided it). The veggie options are like RM 5 (ie: $2 cdn)

-As for the hikes, do hike up #10 but do not try to find #11 from the top and take it back. We are positive there was a wrong marker 15 mins into the #11 on the way down which caused us a lot of walking and eventually backtracking to #10.

-Do #9 - to find 9A which is what we had hoped for does require walking up a bridge/link that you swear could not possibly be the path for #9a

-Do a tour but not one that simply takes you to all of those strawberry, honey, butterfly etc places as you can simply take public transit or a taxi. Others who did take such a tour regretted it. We took the Mossy Hills tour offered by Father's Guesthouse and really enjoyed it.

-Internet access is not bad, the speed is reasonable and the price is RM3 per hour

-Check out the local park on the way to the Hindu temple - we voted it our favorite community park

-The local bus is less than RM2 and from what we experienced if you are leaving Tanah Rata you will simply be thrown on whatever bus is heading your way (even if it is the "Ipoh Express" ) and the driver will let you off when you want off. If you are walking between towns or plantations, you can flag down the buses when they pass. The locals will likely stop for you as well if it is safe and convenient for them and will not take any money in return (no matter how you try to insist as a thanks)

-Do buy the local area map noting all the sites and walking trails- only RM3

-Avoid the scones selling for RM 5 or RM 12 - the Tcafe has the best scones for RM 2.50

-Spend lots of time at the Tcafe - internet access, a book exchange, great breakfast and lots of great food (including veggie burgers!)

-Do check out the butterflies

-It will likely rain each day and it will likely rain hard - bring some rain gear or avoid being outside when it happens

-There really isn't much of a nightlife and beers cost RM 7-10

-We got by on RM100 per day for the both of us.

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