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While waiting for our guide, a family let Tamara use their toilet.

Wild Vicunas, a rare animal and unique sight in Peru.

A remote village at 3500m.

Jarrett was a hit with the ladies in Chivay.

Thousands of pre-Inca terraces in the canyon.

At the canyon lookout.

The village where we waited for our guide. The bus that took...

The Colca Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world and is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. Despite the spectacular scenery, our tour was the worst we had ever been on.

Our tour with "Wasi Tours" was to include 3 days and 2 nights. At dinner on the first day our chicken was cold and pink and the live Peruvian music was unbearable. Our hotel room was very smelly (like rotten eggs) and the bathroom stunk so bad that we used the outside bathroom down the hall. And if you read the Carnaval post, loud marching bands toured the street throughout the night, thus no sleep.

On the second day the tour became even worse. It started with breakfast complete with HOT orange juice. At the first stop we were scheduled to meet a "local guide" who would take us trekking to the bottom of the canyon. No guide showed up so we were told to go the the next village. After waiting an hour in the next village we decided to return to Arequipa to get our money back.

Wasi Tours was less than pleasant, arguing and rolling their eyes at us. Eventually they gave us half our money back and we unwinded over a fully cooked dinner and ice cold drinks.

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