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We finally got started on the road on Monday, 1/28. There was a rain/wind storm coming in so we waited a couple days for that to pass through. A lot of the roads here say “do not enter when flooding” and we were taking 2-lane roads that had a lot of “arroyos” and may have been flooded, so we just stayed put. They don’t get much rain around here, so it does soak in pretty fast after the rain stops.

We passed Kitt Peak on the way, but it was another one of those narrow windy roads 12 miles up to the top of the mountain and we would have had to take the RV and towed car. The world’s largest telescope was at the top. We made it to the casino at Why, but it was just a tiny thing with weird machines that took my money (while Bob walked the dog). We then drove down the road a couple miles to Coyote Howls RV park with no hookups. You just parked wherever. Cost $8.50 to park, but we had access to wifi... Watched our Grumpy Old Men DVD and played some cribbage.

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