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Wow !!! We did make it to the launch and despite being about 6 miles away, it was something else.

What can we say about the launch, other than it was worth the drive 3000 miles to see it.

When we all got up this morning, Dick was up at 5:30 (like a little kid at Christmas), the outlook was grim. Nasa was saying that it was a 70% chance the shuttle would not launch due to weather. Our campground is over 100 miles from the launch site, so we had to make a decision whether or not to make the trip. We all decided that it was worth the trip and boy are we glad we did.

After a long drive there, and really good instructions off the internet on where to park and see the launch for free, we all arrived around 11 and were surprised to see so many folks already there! We did secure a spot in the shade and brought enough munchies and drinks to get us through the long hours of waiting.

We viewed the launch from the city of Titusville in the Space View park. There were potties and some vendors there and they had speakers set up in this little park so the folks gathered there could hear the news and commentary from NASA.

After almost 4 hours of waiting, it was 30 seconds of WOW!!! You get a better view on the TV, but there is nothing like seeing it live. You can tell by our pictures.

I think we were all moved and definately impressed by the wonder of it all. We met people from all over the country who had made the trip or were in the area and decided to see the launch.

We waited till most of the cars had left and then it was off to find a place to eat on the way home. Think it was an early night for all of us.

By Diane

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