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Bangkok Airport Hints

Arrival at the new airport

-Track down an immigration form from your flight attendant while in transit and fill it out right away - it was difficult to find them inside the airport.

-If your immigration line is up a ramp guarded by two spirit statues (you can't miss them as they are huge and very colourful) simply walk up past the crowd in the middle of the ramp and head to the left as there are many more kiosks to the left than ahead. Also take a peak to make sure the line you select is the shortest as some desks are further set back than others.

-The airport has great amenities (2 Boots, a minimart, free govt tourist counter) and great smoothies - we gave up on not having ice the first opportunity we had to consume ice and had no regrets!

-We took a taxi to our guesthouse (my sister swears by the public bus however, and soon we understand the skytrain will link to the airport). If taking a cab, ignore everyone asking you where you are going, and if you want a limo and simply head outside and directly to the desk marked "public taxi". From there you will inform them of your destination, they will write you up a receipt and direct you to your taxi. If you arrive after rush hour, consider NOT taking the express highway as there are a couple of toils (nothing too expensive mind you).

Departure from the old (Dom Mueang) airport

-There are no stores of any kind after security.

Bangkok in General

-Taxis are cheap cheap (as the Thai's would say)

-Everyone seems to speak English and menus are often in English. People are SO used to farang that no one will even pause to notice you.

-There are great movie theatres at Siam Sq costing half the price of back home, and the movies often in English with Thai subtitles (its a great way to beat the heat!)

-A sky train day pass costs $4

-Women need to cover up when visiting some of the sites (like temples). Just bring a long sleeve shirt with you and either wear pants or a very long skirt. Sandals were ok for me.

-The Siam sq malls have everything you could possibly miss from home (excluding Nick's brand of deodorant mind you, or tampex if I remember correctly but they do have ob - at the many Boots). Oh and Blizzards at DQ are like a buck!

-For whatever reason, KFC is huge. If you like your chicken you have come to the right place (writes the vegetarian!)

As a final note, remember that things are the "same same but different" than back home!!

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