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We had lots of fun at Sail Fest this year. We did our part to help raise about $50K for the local school. Although we earned half of what was raised last year, there were only about half the number of boats here and same with number of tourists. It appears that the hit we are taking in the economy in the U.S. is also affecting Mexico. We have noticed that Canadians are making up a lot of the difference.

So this week was a whirlwind for us. We went to a concert at El Pueblito restaurant which had some great music and dancing. Many of the musicians were featured on the CD's which were sold for the event.

On Friday there was a pursuit race. All sailboats were handicapped and the slowest rated went first. We originally entered but later learned that everyone else would have and used a downwind sail/spinnaker, which we don't have. So we decided to crew with Craig and Debra on Infinnity. We came in 3rd from the last which was slighly better than our handicap. Unfortunately, the wind was not our friend. Every afternoon we get 5-10 knots of wind. Friday....we had a whopping 5kt. max. It took us about 4 1/2 hours to complete the race. First monohull finisher, our friends on Scarlett O'Hara completed in about 2hrs. 20 min. Beautiful looking boat with the spinnaker up (though we were admiring from a fair distance away).

Saturday was the sail parade. By 9:15 a.m. we had 6 passengers on board at $25 per person. We loved sharing our boat and experiences with these folks. Couldn't have had better passengers. We were skeptical about allowing 6 strangers into our home but all went very well. We now have 4 more friends in Canada and two in Washington state. None of the passengers got seasick whatsoever and a few got to steer for awhile. Of course we had more wind for this event. We traveled into Zihuatenejo bay into Ixtapa bay past the Port Captain. He is call the Angel del Mar (Angel of the Sea) as he has the most recorded rescues under his belt. The number of live rescues was about 460 and the recoveries are about 250. After dropping off our passengers we were a bit exhausted but had a great time.

Sunday was the wrap up barbeque on the beach, raffles and prizes. Afterward we went to the local sports bar to see the Superbowl and enjoyed some micheladas. Micheladas are our new favorite drink. They are like a margarita but much more refreshing. It is a cup with ice and lime juice and a salted rim with beer poured over the top. Tastes great in hot weather! After the game the town was filled with locals at the zocolo (town square) and pier. We learned that Monday is the celebrated holiday for fat Tuesday thus there is a long weekend for everyone here.

So, now that the festivities are over we head north today after about 1 month in Zihuatenejo. We now have many more folks we can call friends and hope to run into many of them again is some other beautiful location. We will travel a whopping 8 miles today to Ixtapa and get fuel and stay the night there. Tuesday morning we will head to Manzanillo which will be an overnight run, about 30 hours more or less. We need to get moving north as we have a long way to go to get to Mazatlan by 3/1 for our flight home.

Pics to follow when I have a better connection.

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