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Our cabin is on the right


Our hostel

The view from our hostel


The owner's cat



On our way to the coffee plantations









Don Elias showing us the coffee beans of Colombia



The banana plants in Don Elias plantation that he uses to shade...







He wants a banana

Drying the coffee beans on the floor


Getting ready to roast the coffee beans



The smell is lovely

Grinding the beans in the final stage



Enjoying organic coffee at its best in Colombia


Don Elias' very tired dog


















The wild west - every one parked their horses outside the bar!!



Trout farming - selecting the right sizes and separting them

The beautiful wax palm trees that tower over the cloud forest to...

On our way to Acaime





Seven different species of hummingbirds come here













The view from La Montaña

This wax palm (a few kilometres away) has grown about 10m above...

The resident parrot at La Montaña


Stunning Cocora!!


Amazing trees
















That is Da who is barely visible against the massive wax palm


Tara still being amazed by the incredible trees





Having dinner with Damon, Louise, Charlie and Lee

This van which holds 8 people took 25 back to Salento from...












Da's horse doesn't like crossing the river!!










On our way to the Mirador

The beautiful views from Salento








On top of the world


















Eating the lovely dinner Charlie made for us


We loved Salento, and could happily live there!! It's a small town, with lots of friendly people, lots of horses, and a very pretty hostel with 3 beautiful collies and lots of cats! We spent our first day here visiting a traditional coffee farm, which was fascinating (and we even quite liked the coffee!), and watching the Cavalgatta (a horse regatta in which LOTS of Colombians ride around the town and local villages getting increasingly drunk and singing!) - Tara even rode with them for a bit! The next day, we took a van up to Corcora to hike a loop around the hills and valley, and to see the hummingbirds that live there (literally hundreds of them, and 7 different types), drink hot chocolate with cheese (!), and see the incredible wax palms, which are unimaginably tall and straight. Sitting under a palm in the sunshine in this beautiful valley, we could happily have never left! We spent another couple of days in Salento (it really was hard to leave!) wandering around the town, riding horses (tho Da didn't love that bit - he fell off - twice! - and once in a river, which was terrifying - apparently no-one told him you're supposed to sit on the horse not try to get the horse to sit on you!), eating fantastic trout, and relaxing in the sun.

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