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Did not want to get up this morning – the bed was so comfy and I hadn’t been in it long enough! Was first up again as well – typical! Ferdie wanted to take bets on who would be late due to drinking too much last night so he was surprised when I told him most went to bed after the footie! I soon discovered that Rebecca had had a good night and hadn’t gone to bed until 6am – thought I had done well by being up until 1am…

Today we basically just drove back to Jo’burg. Was uneventful and we made good time which was a good thing as I now had a flight to catch. After everyone else was dropped off I was taken to the airport. I got checked in, flight was ok and I arrived in Bloemfontein on time. Claudine was there to meet but didn’t recognize/see me straight away – apparently my suntan makes me look that different…

Back at the house we had a lovely dinner made by Rory. Was great being back there again although a lot colder than when I was last there. Had a log fire going though so that was nice!

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